Saved from the Abyss

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Today’s story is from early 2021…

An unknown man had shown up at our fasting retreat. He sought out Pastor Carmen to make this eager announcement: “I want to give my life to Jesus. I want to be baptized!”

His name was Manuel. Years earlier, he had abandoned his home for another woman. Now this woman had left him and their kids. The brokenness had come full circle. On top of it all, the pandemic and ensuing economic hardships had made his world even more painful and uncertain. His soul had hit rock bottom. He was ready for a drastic change.

We baptized him. Elated, he then went to see his mother. She was soon amazed by the transformation in him. He was a brand new man. She had to see for herself this place where he had been radically changed. As a result, she ended up attending our recent Women’s Encounter. It was there that she eagerly gave her life to Jesus too.

She stood in our stream, ready to be baptized herself, weeping. She asked to share her testimony:

“I am a miracle of God! I was in the ICU with covid, intubated. For three weeks, I fought for my life. Finally the moment came when my spirit left my body. I found myself falling into a dark, bottomless abyss, falling, falling, falling! Utter despair consumed me. But then, somehow, I was back in my body again. I can’t explain it, but somehow from there, I recovered from my illness.

“I was so traumatized by my experience. I could not leave my house. I was terrified of everything. Fear was paralyzing me. Then this son of mine came to me. He was so different. I could hardly recognize him. I am so happy that he found Jesus here! He told me all about it, and here I am. This is the first time I have ever been surrounded by Christian brothers and sisters. I, too, want to be a real Christian!”

We baptized her too. Can you imagine what a special day that was? What joy is ours when entire families come into the Kingdom!


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