Iquitos, Peru Heals from Covid-19

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

My husband Israel and brother-in-law Pablo rejoiced as we began in-person gatherings again

Today’s edition is from November 2020. So glad to be past those times!

Their jaws dropped in astonishment. Jorge gazed at his family, exhausted. He had just walked through the door. Up until that moment, they had thought he was dead.

Jorge’s story will give you an idea of the surreal chapter we have been living through. He was in our local hospital, gravely ill with Covid. It was the peak of the calamity. The bodies of the deceased were lying in piles, unidentified. The hospital staff was overcome by the horror of it all. Too afraid to approach those lying dead, they left hundreds of them with no death certificate.

En masse, these bodies were loaded onto trucks. They were taken to a common grave and left there. Among them was Jorge. As the others, he was stuck in a garbage bag. The thing was, he was still alive. In the chaos of the overflowing hospital, his barely breathing frame had been mistaken for dead.

Somehow, Jorge found strength to Continue reading Iquitos, Peru Heals from Covid-19