Your Destiny Undeterred

Anna is my mini-me in a lot of ways šŸ„°

ā€œMom, I want to tell you about something,ā€ began my thirteen-year-old, Anna the other day. ā€œGod woke me up at 3:00 am,ā€ she went on. ā€œHe wanted to talk to me. So I went upstairs to pray.ā€

(Wow, right?!)

She continued, ā€œI began to ask Him about my calling. I said, ā€˜What if I get it wrong? What if I make the wrong decisions? What if I miss it? What if I mess it all up?ā€

(Can you relate to those questions?)

ā€œAt that point, God began to give me a vision. I could see it vividly, with my eyes open. He was showing me Continue reading Your Destiny Undeterred