Dramatic Healing from COVID!

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴


Today’s powerful testimony is from May 2020, during the most intense times of the covid crisis.


The dire need continues. The pandemic has reached critical proportions here. At the smaller of our two local government hospitals, over 250 patients are lying on the ground for lack of bed space.

A third, private hospital had to close its doors last week because so many of the staff members had fallen ill with covid. Our struggling hospitals are so full of the sick and dying right now that they are turning people away. And, all over Peru, poor people are facing starvation, as they have been unable to work.

But in the midst of it all, I heard a beautiful story of hope and healing the other day:

“Fever had set in with a stranglehold. Pain wracked my entire body. My chest was closing up. I shook violently through the night. I felt like my life was ebbing away.”

With these words, Estelita described her battle with COVID-19. Estelita is one of my spiritual daughters, a graduate of our Missions School. Just a few weeks ago, she almost died. She was not in a place where she could receive any medical attention. Far away from her family, she felt painfully alone.

“At around 4:00 in the morning, from nowhere, worship began to rise up in my spirit. I lifted up my voice to God and began to sing. Melody after melody flowed from within me in sweet adoration. Music I had never even heard before was coming out of my Continue reading Dramatic Healing from COVID!