A Brand New Church Birthed During Quarantine

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Pastor Israel in Vinocurro

A testimony from April 2020:


“There is so much drug trafficking in that area. Men are violent there. It’s not safe. Are we sure this is a place we want to build a church?”

We were discussing a new strategic target for a church plant, a village named Vinocuro. This little forgotten place is smack dab in the middle of a red zone. Literally 80% of all economic activity in that area revolves around the production of cocaine. Bullets fly quickly and easily there. And the villagers are starving for the gospel.

God said, “Do it.” There was nothing left to discuss. Just over a month ago, Pastor Israel embarked on the journey to arrive on site. This remote jungle location takes six days of boat travel to access from Iquitos. His team of four other brothers arrived shortly before him. Immediately, they got to work. It was time to build.

A week later, Pastor Israel left Vinocuro for further travel. As he was in transit, the Peruvian government initiated a country-wide lockdown in response to the COVID crisis. We had almost no warning. All over the nation, travel was immediately frozen. Pastor Israel was stuck. At this writing, he has still not been able to make it home. He has spent the last month alone in a tiny room.

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