The Traveler Who Will Not Stay

“One may experience sorrow during the night, but joy arrives in the morning” (Psalm 30:5, NET).

Sorrow that lasts for the night, only to be chased away in the morning by the arrival of fresh joy… this is the perspective Holy Spirit invites you and me to have about our current suffering. No matter what we are going through, something better is coming. The God we serve is the God of hope. This is one of His vitally important titles (Rom. 15:13). Hope is an essential part of His nature; of who He is. He desires to make it an essential part of who we are, too.

I found this wonderful NET note on Psalm 30:5:

“Hebrew — ‘In the evening weeping comes to lodge, but at morning a shout of joy.’ ‘Weeping’ is personified here as a traveler who lodges with one temporarily.”

Isn’t that powerful imagery? This traveler, Mr. Weeping, is not here to stay. His lodging with us is only Continue reading The Traveler Who Will Not Stay