Taste and See

It’s audio devo day 😊 (Taking a break after this to heal from a shoulder injury… enjoy and I’ll see you again as soon as possible!)


Encounter with God causes your face to glisten with glory. As you get to know His overwhelming goodness, the fear of Him gets into the core of who you are. Knowing Him this way unlocks His miraculous deliverance and provision! Get ready. Holy Spirit has something very special to pour into you as you listen here:

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Last week we delved into another facet of the fear of the Lord: to be stunned by His goodness. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Would you like to personally drink so deeply of God’s goodness, that you find yourself flabbergasted by it? Would you like to encounter Him in a way that is just so real, that it marks you forever? If so, my friend, then you are longing to enter more deeply into the fear of the Lord.

You see, to fear the Lord, you have to experientially know Him. To truly fear Him in the fullest way, you have to get to know how good He is, deep in the marrow of your bones. And that is exactly what He wants for you. This is why He Continue reading Taste and See