Keep Praying for Lily!

Things have been so nonstop I haven’t been able to post an update for a while, but here is what has been happening:

On Saturday Lily tested negative for malaria again, so the medication was successful. Also the pneumonia was much better. However, the doctors were concerned that her proteins were dangerously low and she might need intravenous nutrition, which is not available in Iquitos (she was getting fed through a tube into her stomach). They recommended transfer to Lima. She and I were airlifted out that night.

The doctors here in Lima have successfully weaned her off the ventilator, which happened two days ago. Yesterday she woke up from the medically induced coma, but has been very out of it, didn’t even recognize me at first. The doctors say it’s not normal, and are concerned she might have encephalitis or meningitis causing the confusion. She had a spinal tap tonight and is scheduled for an MRI in the morning. Thank you all with all my heart for continuing to pray.