Hard Pressed But Not Crushed

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Youth Ministry in our early days


Today’s post is a newsletter I wrote as a twenty-six-year-old missionary, in April 2002. It gives a realistic view of the challenges of ministry in our city of Iquitos:

The Lord blessed me with a brief but refreshing trip home to the States at the end of February. After basking on some California beaches and tightly hugging all the family members that converged on Tucson to see me, I headed back to Peru, wondering once again how good times fly by so quickly. Spending a few days in Lima with Israel before arriving in Iquitos, I bought a tiny puppy whom I named Blackie.

Well, I had not even finished unpacking when there was a knock at my door. A young woman named Graciela stood there, looking exhausted. She told me that her mother’s boyfriend had moved in. He had snuck into her room the night before and had woken her from sleep by touching her inappropriately.

I fed her and had her rest at our house, and tried to figure out what to do. The next day, Maria, another one of my discipleship girls, came over. She reported that her younger sister (sixteen years old or so) had thrown a piece of burning wood at her and burned her chest. She has expressed on numerous occasions her desire to kill Maria, and the next day she also hurled a machete at her, thankfully missing. She snarled, “Next time I’ll get you.”

On Friday of that week, Maby came over crying and shaking Continue reading Hard Pressed But Not Crushed