Mercy in Spite of a Scandal

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Joyful hugs during a recent youth baptism

Today’s post is a story I wrote up just last month…


A loud, belligerent knocking interrupted the peaceful afternoon. Someone opened the door inquisitively: “Yes?” Two policemen pushed past, into the senior Arimborgo household, without waiting for permission. Their faces communicated aggression and determination. “There is a stolen cell phone here,” they snarled. “We found you out by GPS. Surrender the item now!”

My in-laws blinked in shocked confusion. They had no idea what these officers were talking about. “Oh, so you’re not going to cooperate? Very well then,” growled the hostile authority figures. “We will find it ourselves.” They then commenced to search the premises.

Without a search warrant, they spent the next two hours invading the family’s privacy. They spared no nook or cranny. They found nothing. Finally, my sister-in-law, who was a congresswoman at the time, was able get in touch with their boss. They received a call with orders to leave the premises immediately.

Soon the intrusion was over. However, the excitement caused in the neighborhood was not. “Police at the pastors’ house!” was the talk of every household. The hullabaloo did not die down for quite some time.

What was the cause of all this commotion? A young Continue reading Mercy in Spite of a Scandal