Small Seeds that Grew Big

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Missions School Prayer


I wrote this one in July 2002, when our School was just beginning.I smile, reading my prediction at the end. It has generously come to pass. Thank You, Daddy God!


I glance up briefly beyond the faces of my students and subconsciously take a mental drink of the greenery that surrounds us. We are sitting in a small structure with a palm-leaf roof and no walls, looking out over beautiful jungle scenery. The students sit on boards stretched across logs as they take notes on the lecture.

They slap at mosquitoes and the wind blows over my current page of notes so I have to turn the page back. My lecture podium is a two-inch thick cross section of a large tree propped up by a large wooden root. A mangy dog meanders nearby and sometimes has to be chased out of the classroom.

Welcome to our Missions School! Although it is rustic, I have to admit that I cherish the time I get to spend there teaching. The school is an hour drive out of town into the jungle, and Israel and I make the trek out twice a month to spend four days total monthly teaching our ten students. We take turns with Continue reading Small Seeds that Grew Big