The Paralyzing Pain Is Gone!

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Remember last week’s post about Alexandra? Here’s the story of how she came to Jesus…

Healed hearts, healed bodies, healed lives

Alexandra groaned in pain, clutching her groin. There had been no relief to this agony that she felt. The doctor could not figure out what was wrong with her. She was at the point of desperation.

With impeccable timing, a friend invited her to our all-night prayer vigil. Alexandra was ready to try anything. When the altar call began, she rushed forward to receive prayer ministry. Immediately, she could sense the power of God coming into her. Something was shifting. Jesus’ love was pouring into her heart and touching her body.

After that, she heard an exciting announcement. We would be holding a baptism in the morning. In that moment, she knew. She wanted to give her whole life to Jesus. She could hardly wait. She kept asking if it was time yet. When the faintest light of early dawn began to warm the horizon, she was eagerly asking again, “Can we do it now??”

As she came up out of the waters of baptism, the Spirit of God filled her up again. With joy overflowing, she knew that she was completely healed. The unrelenting, mysterious pain was gone. She couldn’t stop praising her Savior!

When she got home, her boyfriend Eduardo was taken aback at the change in her. Was this the same woman? Up until then, he had always carried a distaste for church in his heart. However, the new joy and peace brimming over from Alexandra was unmistakable.

Furthermore, he could not deny the absolute miracle of her healing. He had listened to her moaning in pain for weeks prior to that prayer vigil. She had come home not only pain free, but jubilant. His curiosity was strongly provoked.

Soon, he agreed to accompany her to a service. It didn’t take long. He decided he wanted to give his life to this amazing Jesus too. And he did.

An important conversation ensued. “I don’t have peace with living together like this,” Eduardo and Alexandra both agreed.

You guessed it. Now they are getting married!

How’s that for a beautiful “happily ever after”?


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