Alcoholism Stronghold Broken in Amazonian Village

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Child prays the salvation prayer in the city of Nauta on a 2002 missions outreach

Today’s share is a field report that I wrote in August 2002:


We stood in a circle, slapping mosquitoes and sweating, but extremely pleased. As we held hands interceding on site for the village of Nueva Esperanza, we had received word from a team member that all the laborers in the small alcohol factory behind us had prayed to give their lives to the Lord.

That night, the village church was packed out, fuller than it had ever been before. A spirit of celebration took a hold of us. Having been to this village perhaps ten times to evangelize and prayer walk with teams, I sensed in the Spirit that we had broken through to a much greater level of victory in that area.

My brother-in-law explained to me that the many stills in the area that had previously thrived making alcohol out of sugar cane are suffering greatly in their sales and production. What joy we felt to be seeing direct results to our prayers. One of the worst problems Nueva Esperanza faced was most of their men being lost in alcoholism. Jesus was breaking them free!

This celebration that we held was Continue reading Alcoholism Stronghold Broken in Amazonian Village