Broken Lives, Banana Sales, and Redemption

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Today’s edition is from March of this year, a little glimpse into the powerful ripple effects of the gospel spreading in our region. One of the key women in this testimony, Alexandra, was just saved, baptized, healed, and married within the last few months. She has now turned around and is immediately bringing more new people into the Kingdom. The story begins below.

Altar call prayer ministry

Alexandra looked up from her market post. The young woman standing in front of her had obviously been crying. Anguished tears had made streaks in the dirt on her face. “Can I help you, sweetie?” Alexandra asked gently.

“Would you sell me a few bananas please… but at wholesale price?” the stranger pleaded. Alexandra understood immediately. This broken soul wanted to turn around and sell those few bananas there in the market at retail price. In this way, she would manage to make a few small coins of profit. This would at least feed her hungry stomach once that day.

Alexandra’s heart was stirred with compassion. “Of course, dear.” The transaction was made. “Before you go, though, may I tell you something?” The young woman, whose name was Pilar, nodded timidly. The next moment, Alexandra was eagerly sharing Jesus’ good news with her. Pilar listened intently. She then eagerly accepted Alexandra’s invitation to go to church that weekend with her.

As soon as Pilar walked through the doors of our sanctuary, she felt something new stirring in her spirit. When the altar call began, she rushed to the front. Falling on her knees, she began to weep.

As we ministered to her, she poured out her heart. “I don’t know what happened to me. I was never this way before. But when the pandemic started, I was so afraid. My children’s father abandoned us. I didn’t know what to do. I turned to drinking to drown out my sorrows.

“Soon, I was drunk all the time. I was so inebriated that my neighbors filed a report with the police about me neglecting my five children. They came and took them all away. As intoxicated as I was, I hardly even noticed it when they carried them away. But when I came to my senses, they were gone. I was all alone…”

Her heartbroken sobbing continued. “The government officials said that if I clean up my act I can get them back. I want to do that! I feel something so powerful here in your church. I want to give my life to Jesus!”

Alexandra’s tears were flowing as she listened to Pilar. She then shared her own story of heartrending pain… and redemption. Together, these women wept in the presence of Jesus as His healing began once again.


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