The Strategic Importance of One Redemption

“And again He said, ‘To what shall I liken the kingdom of God? It is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures  of meal till it was all leavened’” (Luke 13:20-21, NKJV).

Once you mix leaven into your dough, there’s no way to avoid it spreading through the whole lump. In the same way, the kingdom of God is unstoppable. No one can keep it from penetrating society. The amazing thing is, it spreads and increases through simple, individual people like you and me.

How does this happen? Your life is connected to a bunch of other people’s lives: your close friends and family, your work relationships, your acquaintances… even the barista at your favorite coffee shop. In turn, each and every one of those people is connected to a whole slew of others. Right now, all the humans alive on the planet are connected to each other through this massive network of interpersonal connections.  

We know that every individual human life matters to God’s heart. In His estimation, every single last one of us was worth the blood of Jesus. The ultimate price, vastly more expensive than we could even begin to understand, was not too much to pay to save each one of us made in His image.

We are getting to know this glorious love that surpasses knowledge, each day a little deeper. This deepening heart knowledge helps us understand why each life matters so much to Him. However, there is something else to grasp about the infinite value of each and every human life. Each one also matters in a different way: strategically. Remember, absolutely all of us alive are connected to each other in a massive network. As a result, what happens to an individual person happens to humanity. The ripple effects are inevitable, just like the saturation effect of yeast.

This is part of the reason the enemy fights so hard to keep just one life down. He knows the powerful ramifications the redemption of even one soul has on this world. When that one person you are currently praying for comes into the fullness of what God has for them, watch out! The multiplication of that miracle is going to expand exponentially into so many other lives…

This is why everything you will do today matters. Everyone that you will touch today matters. So let every action, every smile, every interaction, and every word be charged with purpose. When you invest the life of God into your part of our human network, this world really does become a better place. We urgently need what you will contribute today!


Do the actions and interactions of one individual person seem of weighty importance to you?

14 thoughts on “The Strategic Importance of One Redemption

  1. When I think of the interconnectedness of the human inhabitants of this planet, I am blown away. Just this week I discovered that a high school friend of mine used to work with my uncle at the post office 30 years ago. Digging deeper, we all can trace our family back to Noah & before that, Adam & Eve.

    EVERY LIFE matters to GOD.

    He has a plan for you and for me. We must do our part to further the kingdom.

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  2. So many times Jesus spoke one-to-one with people. I think of the woman at the well who went and told everyone about Jesus. God is in the little things, the little moments in our day, even if they seem insignificant to us.

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  3. Love this. Feeds into what Jesus has been speaking to me the past few days about the gift of the humble estate He has me in right now. I am watching others do what my health prevents me from doing, but this hemming in is giving me such sweet opportunities to share and live out the Gospel before others individually one-on-one (who are doing what I can no longer do and who have a wide spread network through their work and families).

    He’s growing me in humility, working a deeper surrender in my heart that is opening doors for me to share Him with others in ways I never could have imagined before.

    In each connection we are each privileged with, may our hearts leap to honor Christ the Lord as holy, and may we slow to heed God’s promptings to come away with Him and prepare to make a defense to those who ask us for a reason for the hope that is in us. May His gentleness and respect become visible in this defense – so much so that they cannot help but be drawn to Him in us. And may our eyes open to the heavenly masterpiece He is weaving through each and every connection He makes possible.

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  4. Thank you for reminder ONE REDEMPTION, ONE SAVIOUR so necessary to Join all humanity into one future eternity. While we live let each of us KNOW how important we are to the WHOLE. Blessings!

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