Why Not Instant Deliverance?


“If the dough offered as firstfruits is holy, so is the whole lump, and if the root is holy, so are the branches” (Rom. 11:16, ESV).

I have observed two kinds of deliverance from destructive patterns in the lives of my fellow believers. One is instantaneous, and the other is rather gradual. I believe there is an important place for both, as we all grow up in Him.

The instantaneous kind is rather easy to understand. How exciting, for example, are the testimonies of drug addicts that came into contact with the raw power of the Holy Spirit! Instantly, the shackles fall off. For the rest of their lives, many going through this kind of deliverance experience no further attraction to formerly addictive substances. Obviously, these are instances of God’s sovereign, sudden mercy on display in a stunning way.

In many other cases, I have watched as His kids walk through a process that takes years. Now, it’s important to note, these are kids of His that are earnestly seeking Him wholeheartedly. And yet, deliverance is not immediate, but rather quite slow in comparison to the instantaneous type. Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair to have to go through a long process, when others get free in an instant. Holy Spirit was talking to my heart today about this, explaining it to me.

He showed me a picture of an extensive root system. Sometimes, when there is a major sin problem in our lives, this is what our heart looks like in spirit. The issue is like a tree with a substantial system of roots that fills up a whole lot of space in the soil of our souls.

Holy Spirit invites us onto a journey to deal with the problem. One by one, in cooperation with us, He takes His ax to each individual root. Since there are so many and they are so far reaching into the depths of our soul, this is a huge undertaking. Patiently, He works with us for the long haul to gradually pull out every last bit of the root system.

Why would He choose to do it this way instead of in one fell swoop? As something comparable, think about someone who has been in a near fatal car accident. It’s impossible to mend their body with just one surgery. They need many, many reconstructive surgeries to bring them to a place of full functioning once again. If the doctor attempted to repair it all in one go, the patient would not survive.

God knows how much of His raw power our system can stand at one time. In His infinite wisdom and measureless love, He applies just the right amount to our hearts. There are certain altar calls and ministry moments where He will remove a huge chunk of the root system all at once. However, there are other parts of it still there, still needing further addressing, all in His perfect timing.

Additionally, He invites us to partner with Him in this process. There are appetites and habits that He will ask us to die to. There are defense mechanisms that He will ask us to lay aside because they are no longer helpful. There are very real moments of crucifixion that we will need to submit to.

Putting to death the desires of the flesh is an essential component on the journey as we walk forward into more and more wholeness in Him. The way He shapes us as we submit to His gradual process of sanctification benefits us in ways that an instantaneous deliverance would never be able to accomplish.

As we get up on His surgical table for what may seem like the millionth time, we can be sure of this. The Master Surgeon knows exactly what He is doing. He has an immaculate, brilliant plan. And it’s all based on an immeasurable depth of love for us. His heart is pure goodness. There is no shadow of turning in Him.

So go ahead, dear one, climb up. The One who loves you more than His life is standing by in tender readiness. He is eager to take you to the next level of your freedom. Trust His masterful hands and His beautiful heart.


Have you, like me, sometimes wished God’s process went faster? Do you have a story to share about coming to see in retrospect why He chose to do it the way He did?


44 thoughts on “Why Not Instant Deliverance?

      1. I want to tell you again that you are so very loved. I love you, even though I don’t know you!

        With that as the motivation for my words, I have a question for you. When you ask me things like this, what are you seeking? With the language barrier, I want to be sure I am understanding you correctly. Is your desire to seek truth from my understanding? Or is your desire to have a debate? If you are desirous of understanding more, I would love to have a more extensive conversation, maybe you could send me a message through my contact link?

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      2. Thank you very much for your answer
        and your offer

        I have no questions for you
        their points of view
        I can’t share
        they are not an event to me
        my experience

        I try what is essential to you
        to answer it.

        If I’m supposed to have hurt you
        then please tell me?


      3. No my friend, you did not hurt me. I just wanted to make sure I was understanding you. When you ask your questions one at a time, that is easier for me to do a good job answering. Thank you for your reply too, I a glad for the opportunity to dialogue! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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      4. Good evening Mrs. Jennifer Arimborgo

        Thank you for your reply.

        I think about the essential things, I can only ask questions.

        I greet you warmly
        Hans Gamma

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      5. Good evening Mrs. Jennifer Arimborgo

        I confess that I asked you if you, Mr. Jesus, or his father, may be responsible for the emergence of the universe and life.

        Your truth can not
        with an argument with me;
        It must not be questioned by a conversation.

        Jesus Christ, the Son of God, begotted by the Holy Spirit, born from the Virgin Mary, so I understand her, is her conviction and her belief I do not want to touch.

        The true sense another universal teaching,
        I have no dogmatics to understand a real truth in my claim.

        Thanks for your patience
        Please excuse my mistakes.

        Best regards
        Hans Gamma


  1. What if it’s not just about us? What if our slow journey of being set free is God’s way of scattering seeds of mercy far and wide. What if He in fact loves sweet intimate relationship with us, more than He does the “quick fix”? Pondering my own slow journey and seeing His fingerprints all over it.

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    1. I am smiling tenderly reading your thoughts, Anna. You expressed this so very beautifully. Amen and amen and amen! By the way, I am very fond of the name Anna. It’s my sister’s and my daughter’s (named for my sister). Beauty and grace, just like your expression. Thank you so much for sharing! 🌹

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  2. I think we have to endure the hard times in order to understand them, and truly appreciate and understand our healing. Healing is a journey of faith; if we want it to always happen in an instant, I suggest we don’t really understand what faith is all about. If it is God’s wish that we be healed instantly, so be it. If it isn’t His wish that it happen quickly, again, so be it. He will be with us on the journey. — Mike

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  3. Thank you. A profound and thought provoking piece of writing. My journey from the age of six was not one of being delivered from ie drugs or vice etc but having to learn WHO indeed GOD THE Holy Spirit really is. With a strongly traditional background all the wiffy spiritual experiences were not clearly outlined as dangerous….still today I am shocked by the marketing of things like Halloween. Satan is a clever counterfeiter. I live now by the ongoing sanctifying process of GOD the HOLY Spirit indwelling. Our GOD revealed to us in Christ must be presented to this broken world in the fullness of WHO He really is in the FULLNES of HIs triune dimension. Writing now my Memoirs leaves me absolutely broken again at the Cross, http://www.shaftsofgold If anyone wants to check out the simple progress of where I had to journey. Not depressing but humbling. In my life seeking I have only now arrived at the 2004 tsunami. Welcome to view, Thank you again my dear sister for your posts.

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    1. I treasure hearing about your journey, dear Faye. Thank you so very much for sharing it with us! I tried to follow the link you shared just now, and it didn’t seem to work. Would you please share it once more?


  4. I love this part- “Additionally, He invites us to partner with Him in this process”

    Amen… What better way to get to spend time with God, as we learn to SERVE HIM by WORKING DAILY with Him to uproot each root within us. Makes us appreciate DELIVERANCE that much more…sadly not enough for us to free from entaglemwnt again. Deliverance I have learned is a LIFE LONG PROCESS. WHEN WE STOP SINNING IS WHEN WE WILL NO LONGER NEED TO BE DELIEVERED

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    1. I am so glad He is immeasurable patient with us as we continue this long journey with Him! I also can testify that my journey into wholeness in Him has taken my whole life so far. “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!” expresses such an involved process!

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  5. Meant to write ‘sadly not enough for us to rain free from entanglement’… Anyone think diffefently? That DELIVERANCE isnt a life long process? U better think again. How many times did GODS OWN PEOPLE..have to be delievered?

    Ans therefore a LIVING EXAMPLE TO US ALL…FOR PROOF that it is indeed a LIFE LONG PROCESS.


  6. After 26 years of addiction and crying out to him one day screaming from the pit of my stomach asking him for help, He just took it away from me that fast. The obsession was lifted and what seemed like a blink of an eye my addiction was gone. The Lord has always been there for me he has never stopped loving me. I now work with other addicts and have been for the past year, in 4 months I will be a drug and alcohol counselor. I will share my story about how God saved me to other addicts.
    Glory be to god who took me out of that misery I was in and made something good come out of all that bad I lived. I am in love with God.

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    1. Karina, that is absolutely a stunning testimony to the glory of God the Father! With all my heart, I thank you for sharing it here. Amazing beyond words! I rejoice with you with all my heart for what He has done for you, and what He will now do through you to set others free!


  7. This is powerful. God’s time is the best time.

    I struggle with procrastination and have struggled terribly with depression for several reasons, leading me to search for satisfaction in the wrong places. Over the past five years, and probably closer to the last ten, God has been leading me away from these things. Little by little He shows me better ways to use my time, and guides me away from poor choices towards spending more time in His grace. It’s a long process, still ongoing, but I see the times he’s helped me (like the poster with the sets of footprints) and I am thankful for the assistance every time.

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  8. I needed this today as I cried thinking I was so much like Peter; I had denied Christ in my confusion from the Catholic Church teaching and my own sinful life converting to the Jewish faith to marry a good man for my daughter born out of wedlock and thought good for me. Then; got saved; accepting Christ; born again; filled with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and became fearful not understanding it! Then; in my mess and confusion from well meaning Christians; trying hard to please the Father; yet not surrendering to Christ. Being a Martha all day long and for years.
    Falling into sin in other ways. Not always on purpose; in my illness of low self esteem; people pleasing; fear of others; confrontation, etc Knowing His mercy was new every morning.
    Now; being healed after allowing old generational “curses”/ familiar spirits; rebellious nature; disappointments; hurts; self inflicted and from others; full of despair and lost all hope.
    I, after hearing instant deliverance from the Pastor at my new church and today from a guest Pastor speaking the TRUTH felt is something wrong with me?am I double minded; or the one that the sower parable explains until NOW; allowed Satan; rocky; no root; full of thorns to steal what Jesus did for me and has shown me!!
    God bless you. I loved what was started with the IHOP!!! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. My precious sister, I am so deeply glad that this ministered to your heart! Your Abba Father loves you so deeply and is so pleased with your desire to please Him. His heart glows with delight in who you are. May He pour His love into your heart by His Holy Spirit. (My replies are slow right now because we have teams coming down from the U.S. to partner with our ministry during these summer months.). Thank you so much for taking the time to share. I am sending you much love in the Father today!


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