Jesus’ Touch on Your Cheek

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever” (Rev. 21:4, NLT).

Do you see the personal encounter this verse describes? This is no generic, sweeping, make-everyone-feel-better-at-the-same-time moment. We are not talking about God employing a colossal leaf blower on the multitudes around the throne, drying everyone’s faces in a massive crowd setting. “One… two… three… everyone’s tears all gone!” Uh-uh.

No, this is an exquisite, private encounter between Jesus Himself and you. Close your eyes and picture it. Gently, with utmost tenderness, He is touching your cheek. His own fingers move across your skin, wiping the tears away. He gazes into your eyes with indescribable love as He does this. This breathtaking moment has finally arrived:

“…Then we shall see face to face… then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known” (1 Cor. 13:12, NIV).

You and the One who loves you best, finally, finally face to face. Finally, you can set your own eyes on Him. Finally, you can know Him fully, just as He has known you fully all along. Finally, the moment has come.

And in that moment, you know… you know in your heart of hearts… to your deepest core, you know: sorrow and crying and pain are gone. Gone. Gone forever!

You know what? That personal encounter with Jesus is not going to be an isolated incident. You are not going to have to hang on another few hundred years for another turn with Him. You won’t be waiting around for Him to mingle with all the other millions of citizens of Heaven, until your name finally comes up on the docket again.

No. Instead, “face to face” will be constantly, and forever. If you have personal intimacy with Jesus here on earth, how much more so there, in Paradise! Do you have to wait for your “turn” to talk to Him now? Of course not. How much more so will He be intimately present to you there, unceasingly so!

Look what the proceeding verse in Revelation has to say about this: “I heard a loud shout from the throne, saying, ‘Look, God’s home is now among his people! He will live with them, and they will be his people. God himself will be with them’” (Rev. 21:3, NLT).

God Himself is going to be with you. With you in the most intimate sense of the word. With you personally. With you in tender, unending companionship. With you in uncontainable bliss.

With you… face to face.

With you…



Can you imagine Jesus wiping your tears away? Can you imagine never, ever being sad again?

37 thoughts on “Jesus’ Touch on Your Cheek

  1. Absolutely and for now truly incomprehensible, but we have enough of a glimpse to know; that is the only direction to be heading in!

    Nothing else can even compare to this eternal happiness and peace that is ours for the asking!

    We must open our hearts to Him!

    Amen. 🌟🙏✝️🙏😊

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      1. Absolutely Jennifer, Amen and Amen! When I think about how fast this life here passes by; truly I think about how i was living 20 or 30 years ago and now see that the time here is growing very short and I wonder where all that zest and thinking I had my whole life ahead of me I now see I didn’t; I only have death ahead and the only actual life there is we know as Christians without a doubt is the Kingdom to Come! Eternity is ahead but we have choices and work to do here so that our final destination to spend that eternity is the right one and the only one we want with our Lord and Savior!

        Maybe I’m just getting older and wiser too as I wake up to these realities after having gone through so much more now than I had back when I was a kid! I’ll tell you this Jennifer, I feel so blessed to be alive and have this opportunity to exist and be on my way to becoming an eternal child of God’s; and I could have died a few times, over the years quite literally; but I could tell about how God intervened with actual divine intervention; so He wanted me to stay here longer! There obviously has to be a good reason for that! One of those times I am quite certain an angel even stepped in to prevent my demise being a naïve young fellow alone late at night in Chicago on foot heading to Minnesota hitching rides!

        Thank you for a good inspiring and thought provoking blog posting that touches on such important matters! God bless you. 🌟🌟✨💫🙏💗✝️🌷😊 🙏

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      2. It brings me joy my brother, to read/hear the expression of your heart, which overflows with true gratitude, thankfulness, and wisdom. There is something inexpressibly precious about hearing how others have experienced His faithfulness in such unmistakable ways. I heard a minister say, and it has stuck with me, “NOTHING can replace your own personal journey with Jesus!”

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      3. Hi Jennifer! I’m so happy to hear how my expression of love and passion for our Lord Jesus gives an added joy to your heart; this means so much! We share in our devout fellowship our unique experiences finding hearts and minds to share them with for the greater glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He wants this expanding growing love to be shared further expressing His message to the world of His eternal love that is there for the asking to any persons who will humble themselves on bent knee expressing their inner most desire to love Him back and seek His Redemption; forgiving any of us for all our sins.

        You are so spot-on bringing up how NOTHING can replace our own personal journey with Jesus! He showed me how very much He doesn’t want to lose me, or I can add He is so sweet and kind to me having given me many chances I didn’t deserve but then I do because He sees that modicum and sparkle of good deep in my heart and soul that means so much to Him!

        Thank you for such a beautiful and giving reply on this fine posting!
        God bless you!
        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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      4. You are most welcome, my brother! The joy continues, enjoying your overflowing expression of love and gratitude to Him! I am so delighted to hear of How he has communicated His affection and pleasue in you!

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  2. John’s dreams
    mine are different

    when me the real woman
    touched in the dream
    then she means it very seriously

    I stand in the face
    the soul that embraces me

    Grief pain and suffering
    the common people
    suffer from hunger
    of oppression
    of slavery
    thirst and war

    Paradise is for the elect
    for the common man
    the troubles of sickness
    and work to the death

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      1. Thank you for your response:

        Please explain to me the written, oral response that there must be a paradise for man;
        that grief, pain and suffering are not part of all of us;
        why do we have to hope for more, the gift of our life?


      2. You are most welcome! The hope of heaven is not obligatory. God does not force paradise on anyone, but it is for everyone who longs for hope. I believe that all human souls have a longing for hope that transcends the suffering of this life. How meaningless is our suffering if we do not have something so much better to look forward to!

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      3. Your hope in the relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ is the conviction of over a billion people.

        I think the Redeemer is in the history of mankind, a figure who awakens the longing for the meaning of life.

        I think that the soul embraces all of us in a motherly way.

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      4. He has not only awakaned my longings, He has fulfilled them! I am so deeply satisfied in His personal closeness to me. He has made Himself very real to me. He talks to me every day, and fills me with peace and strength. Life can be very hard, and it has been for me. There are very hard things happening to me right now even. But Jesus makes my life beautiful even when this is the case.


      5. Do you want Him to? Yes, His peace is wonderful beyond description, beyond anything I have ever known by far, beyond the greatest earthly happiness I have ever experienced! Even more real and meaningful than moments like the births of my precious four children.

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  3. You touched on a subject I have wondered about. I have sometimes thought I would lose a measure of “Jesus” when it comes to eternity. I like knowing He is with me, inside me here on earth. It is something I can’t conceive. Thankfully I don’t need to. Lean not to thine own understanding, Oneta!

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    1. I had that same wondering and concern, Oneta, for quite some time. And so I was so grateful when He explained this to me! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about it too. Sending you love and blessings!


  4. I seriously go back and forth (I guess like Paul) with I can’t wait to see Jesus face-to-face and remaining here to encourage others. Thank you for an aw inspiring post. Blessings and honor, Christine C Sponsler

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  5. I honestly can’t imagine never being sad again, but I have experienced the wonderful embrace of God’s love in those moments. There is nothing more comforting than knowing Jesus is there, offering the deepest comfort we could ever imagine.

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