You CAN Have Peace

Old Treasures on Tuesdays 👑


Enjoy the audio version of this devo here 🙂 If you haven’t checked these out, you’ll be blessed when you do! I add in a prayer at the beginning and end, asking the Lord to minister in a special way to you as you listen.


“…In Me you may have peace…” (John 16:33b, NKJV).

I was standing there by the kitchen counter, and His whisper came. “You know, you can have My peace all the time.” It was so soft, so gentle. So simple, and yet so incredibly profound. I can have His peace – all the time.

I’m still learning to make this truth my home. Isn’t it a journey, for all of us? After all, Jesus assured us in that very same verse above, “In the world you will have tribulation.” Have you had any tribulation come your way today? I know that most of us do, on most days, in some way or another. How, then, do a surefire prediction of trouble – and a promise of unshakable peace – go together? Continue reading You CAN Have Peace