Under Your Feet

“Yahweh said to my Lord, the Messiah: ‘Sit with me as enthroned ruler while I subdue your every enemy. They will bow low before you as I make them a footstool for your feet.’ Messiah, I know God himself will establish your kingdom as you reign in Zion-glory. For he says to you, ‘Rule in the midst of your enemies!’” (Ps. 110:1-2, TPT).

Right now, you and I and the rest of all creation are part of the unfolding process described in this prophetic psalm. One by one, the Father is subduing Jesus’ enemies. Every one of them is going to become a footstool for our Savior’s feet. Every last one. The Father is, currently, establishing His Son’s kingdom here on the earth. This process is going to continue until we watch this happen:

 “Then the end will come, when he hands over the kingdom to God the Father after he has destroyed all dominion, authority and power. For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet.”  (1 Cor. 15:24-25, NIV).

When, then, did this process begin? When did our Savior’s kingdom begin to take over? Jesus Himself announced it to us:

“But if I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you” (Luke 11:20, NIV).

He began His earthly ministry at age thirty with astonishing demonstrations of kingdom power. Demons scattered before Him. Everywhere He went, everything He did displaced the powers of darkness. Where the enemy had held sway, he lost every single time. Someone “stronger than the strongman” came in, “attacked and overpowered” him, and “plundered” what the devil used to consider his own (vv.21-22). For those three following years, this happened again and again and again. In this way, the kingdom of God came upon people and villages and cities and regions.

Think about this now: He told us that we would do even greater things than He (John 14:12). Do you know that you and I get to be a part of displacing the enemy too? When Jesus invited us to pray that His kingdom would come on the earth, it’s because He intends to answer that prayer, again and again and again. And every time He does, we will see this happening:

“The God of peace will… crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you” (Rom. 16:20, NIV).

Every single battle that you and I face is a foreordained opportunity to be a part of God’s unfolding process of putting all His enemies under His feet. Every time we “wrestle against” our foes, it matters in His majestic plan. Nothing we go through is meaningless. Every struggle becomes progress, if we refuse to give up!

So don’t waste your trials. Every time you stand firm on “the evil day” when everything seems to be coming against you, you are part of God’s movements, taking ground for all of eternity. His kingdom is coming on the earth through your tenacity. His grace is with you, and you will see His victory manifest in your current circumstances. Not only that, but that victory will become part of Jesus’ triumphant march towards the culmination of history when He hands the Kingdom over to the Father!


Have you seen God utterly turn a life around for His glory? Can you sense how the enemy lost ground on Planet Earth through that transformation? Do you believe that the redemption of that one person affected the spiritual atmosphere of the city?



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