Jesus’ Extremely Personal Interest in You

“So Jesus stood still and called them…” (Matt. 20:32, NKJV, bold emphasis mine)

Do you realize how important you are to Jesus? He wants you to know. In this story, He is on His way to Jerusalem. He is on His way to fulfill the very most fundamental part of His earthly mission, dying on the cross. He’s just days out from The Moment. Getting from Point A (Jericho) to Point B (Jerusalem, planned location for Saving The World) was of crucial importance. There is literally nothing more weighty in all of the timeline of human history than what He is on his way to do. And yet, when two blind men on the side of the road call out to him from the depths of their hearts, He stops. He stands still.

No matter how massive the priority in front of Him, He is completely in the moment with these two men. Rather than being consumed by preoccupation with the critical matter on His plate, He is consumed instead with compassion for these two individuals. In this moment, they are all He sees. They have His complete, immeasurably loving attention. Before He continues on His way to execute His death and resurrection plans, He is answering the longing of their hearts. His power is coursing through His hands into their eyes and restoring their sight.

This story is so important to the Lord that three of the four gospel writers all included it in their writings. Mark and Luke, however, only mention one of the two blind men. I believe there is a reason for this. Holy Spirit is underlining for us the exceedingly high priority that God puts on the individual. (Can you see the brilliant yellow highlighter in spirit?)  In fact, all four of the gospels are brimming over with accounts of Jesus’ one-on-one interactions with individuals. He longs for us to know, not just in our heads, but deep in our hearts, how passionately He cares about us at an extremely personal level.

Jesus is the image of the invisible God. Does the invisible God see you? Does He see your little world, the details that may seems infinitesimally small compared to everything else happening in creation? He absolutely does. He sees. He cares. And He will stand still in the midst of everything He is doing and call you to Himself – just to answer the cry of your heart. Achingly and infinitely, He cares.


When you pray, do you pray as if God’s eyes are really looking attentively and lovingly at you?

6 thoughts on “Jesus’ Extremely Personal Interest in You

  1. I’m not really sure how I pray other than saying words, of holding some form of hope for others in my heart. I don’t often think about how God might be being present with me as I pray. Maybe there is something on that about being more intentional while listening and speaking?

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