As If You Were the Only One


“And when he has got it again, he takes it in his arms with joy” (Luke 15:5, BBE).

Jesus came to earth with one passion on His heart: to seek and save what was lost. After utterly emptying Himself to this end, He ascended into heaven. His change of location did not at all mean a change in the one fervent pursuit of His heart. Rather, He was merely moving into the next phase of His unfolding plans: He promptly poured out His own Spirit on His disciples, in order to proceed with the same seeking, saving mission. He would now carry it out through them.

This passionate activity of His has never slowed down. It has only accelerated through the centuries, spreading like a wildfire all over the planet. Its all-consuming flames came to include the very interaction where you first heard of His love. Continue reading As If You Were the Only One