Your Safe Place

“Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us” (Ps. 62:8, NKJV).

God is not afraid of your ugly cry. Nor is He repelled by it. Nor is He in the slightest way offended by it… even if your grief includes the hardest of questions like, “Why did You let this happen?” In fact, He invites you to share your most anguished feelings with Him. He says here in this verse, “Pour out your heart before Him.”

You can be honest with Him. It’s the best way. Of course, He already knows what you are going through and what you are feeling and what your heart is struggling to understand. He will not be absorbing new information when you pour out your heart to Him. But He knows that telling Him about it is what your soul needs. Your turbulent emotions need an outlet, and He is the very best one for you.

Besides, when you open your deepest heart to Him, that is a demonstration of trust. That’s why this verse starts out with “Trust in Him at all times.” Pouring out your heart, your anguish, and your “why questions” to Him is one of the deepest expressions of trust possible. It means that you trust Him enough to receive the contents of your heart with compassion and profoundly tender understanding. It means that you know that He is love and He is safe. It means you know that He treasures you sharing your inner sanctum with Him, giving Him that place in your intimate soul.

There’s that last phrase now. “God is a refuge for us.” These are not just poetic words. They are bedrock truth. He is the realest refuge you will ever know. When the storms of life are howling around you, He is the warm place to crawl into and be safe, away from the wind. You will find Him there. You will find Him there with peace and strength to exchange for your anguish and your questions. Real peace. Real strength.

Don’t try to keep it to yourself and put a brave face on. Go on, tell Him all about it, precious one. He is listening with indescribably deep love.

“Have faith in him at all times, you people; let your hearts go flowing out before him: God is our safe place. (Selah.)” (Ps. 62:8, BBE).


Are you able to share your raw self with God? Or do you feel the need to gather yourself in a presentable way before you approach Him in prayer?


22 thoughts on “Your Safe Place

  1. Thank you. Absolutely true. The death of our only dearly love eldest child our daughter has been a journey of deep sorrow…BUT a deep certainty of what Henniker has written, A-MEN!

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  2. “ You will find Him there with peace and strength to exchange for your anguish and your questions. Real peace. Real strength….”.

    YES!!! This is so beautiful, and so tangibly true! Thank you for your prayers, and for continuing to pour your heart out in these beautiful writings!

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