More about Weak Faith and Strong Faith

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“Fight the good fight of faith, grabbing hold of the life that continues forever.” (1 Tim. 6:12, NCV)

Do you have a personal promise from God that you’ve been holding onto for a long time? I do. It’s been years, actually. Just when I think my faith couldn’t be tested any more about this promise, it’s tested yet again. It was even tested intensely again last night. Can you relate?

I was sharing with a dear friend of mine about this testing process I am going through. I admitted, “There are days that I am absolutely convinced that I will see the fulfillment of this promise. Then there are other days when I am not nearly so solid about it.” I then asked hesitantly, “Do you think my lack of solidity could hinder its fulfillment?”

Even before she opened her mouth to respond, Holy Spirit was speaking to my heart His answer. He pointed out to me that if our faith were 100% solid from Day 1, He wouldn’t have needed to include so much in Scripture about the process of faith’s development. If we were automatically “there” as soon as He made a promise to us, He wouldn’t have needed to bother with verses like these:

So if you are patiently enduring as you wait for the fulfillment of your own personal promise, you are not alone! And if you have days like I do when reality seems to stare you down and you wonder if your faith has what it takes to see your mountain moved… you are in wonderful company. The likes of Paul, Timothy, Abraham, Joseph, David – well, okay, let’s just be realistic and say, every single Bible story hero – are right there with you. Welcome to life on Earth with Jesus. Welcome to a life-long learning curve of what it looks like to walk by faith and not by sight.

Bottom line. I hear Him saying both to me and to you today: Just as He is the Author of our faith, He is faith’s Finisher too. Rest easy. By the time the moment comes around for Promise Fulfillment, He is going to have our faith exactly as solid and unshakable as it needs to be!

“I’m convinced that God, who began this good work in you, will carry it through to completion…” (Phil. 1:6, GW)


How is your fight going?



6 thoughts on “More about Weak Faith and Strong Faith

  1. I recall reading a message from Robert Hill once that said, “The strength of your faith is not the issue. Put strong faith in a weak bridge, and you might fall. Weak faith in a strong bridge will get you across a chasm. Jesus is strong enough to carry us, even when our faith is weak.”

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  2. Faith ebbs and flows. I struggle to find it most often when it seems like I’m really close to something God is guiding me towards. I am thankfully God keeps guiding me even when my faith is at a low ebb.

    Thank you for sharing. 🧡

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