Anticipating an Answer

“And throwing off his cloak, he sprang up and came to Jesus” (Mark 10:50, ESV).

Can you see Bartimaeus with your mind’s eye? We don’t know how long he had been blind, but we know that this condition had condemned him to a life of begging. Let’s call him Bart, to help us connect better with how real of a person he was. Poor, poor Bart. Aside from the beggar lifestyle, there was no other way for him to feed himself. That’s why the above verse is so amazing. Let’s look at it again: “And throwing off his cloak, he sprang up and came to Jesus”

In Bart’s society, his cloak identified him as a blindman. The particular kind he wore was a visual cue. Only pitiable men like him wore cloaks like this. It was his license to beg and receive alms from passersby. This cloak represented not only his income, but his identity as a pathetic, helpless man.  

When Jesus called him, he threw it off! Notice that Jesus did not ask him to do that. He did so completely of his own initiative. In doing so, he aggressively threw off the shackles of the past. He threw off the limitations that had defined him. He cast aside the identity of a victim. Notice also that he did not gingerly pick himself off the ground either. There was no wariness or weariness in his posture. Rather, full of anticipation, he sprang up and eagerly approached the Savior of the world.

Anticipation. That is our number one key for today. Bart obviously was fully expectant that he would receive his healing. He knew who Jesus was. He had been crying out to Him at the top of his voice, “Son of David!” This was a Messianic title. He fully recognized in his spirit that the hope of the ages was walking down the road right beside him. He was not going to sit by quietly and miss his chance. His raucous insistence apparently was annoying to those around him, as they tried to silence him. However, the hushers, haters, and naysayers were not going to steal this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from him. With everything in him, he cried out to Jesus.

What was Jesus’ answer? “Go your way; your faith has made you well” (v. 52). He offered no further explanation than that. Bart’s faith had made him well. He immediately received what he had fervently anticipated: his sight. Handed a brand-new life on a platter, he joyfully followed Jesus along the way.

Jesus is the image of the invisible God. When we see glimpses of Him like this one, we come to know the Father better. When we cry out to our Daddy God, full of anticipation that He wills our wholeness, Heaven responds. Heaven answers.

Are you eagerly anticipating your answer today?


Do you think God likes audacity in prayer? Is “audacious faith” an appropriate term?

18 thoughts on “Anticipating an Answer

  1. Thanks for this post, Jennifer. You highlighted some aspects of the story that I had not considered. A dear friend used to preach about this story, and he mentioned that a blind man would not fling aside any possession. Instead he would “place” it nearby in order to find it again. However, Bart tossed his cloak in anticipation of being able to see after his encounter with Jesus. He wouldn’t need to feel around for his cloak, but instead he would SEE where he had flung it. That is some faith!
    I like your emphasis on “anticipation.” I’m going to ponder that today. God bless you.

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    1. Smiling joyfully, reading the beautiful insight you have shared. Now that’s another aspect that I had not considered! I love how Holy Spirit shows us each different things, and as we come together, we get a more complete perspective! Thank you so much, my sister 😊🌹


  2. Jenn!! ‘Bart’ is one of my all time favorite heroes we find in the Scriptures! Holy Spirit has given me many opportunities to preach/teach about him.
    Here’s just a few highlights from those times: A BLIND man ‘saw’ that is was the Messiah passing by. How many fully-sighted people had/have missed this?
    When Bart threw his cloak aside, it would have had all that had been given to him that day on it. He threw it all away to go to Jesus; a huge lesson for all of us who tend to hold too tightly to our stuff.
    Thanks for this today, you’ve stirred some wonderful memories!

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    1. Wow! Both of those are AMAZING insights! How enriched I am by reading them! Thank you so much, Chuck. I know that each of the occasions that you shared with others is written in God’s eternal Book of Remembrance, as is every single other thing you have done unto HIs name!

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  3. One of the interesting things I always thought about this miracle was Jesus question; to a blind man!; to one calling Him the Son Of David!!.
    “What do you want me to do for you?” Mark 10:51
    I always thought, well, isn’t it OBVIOUS!? But I have found there are some people who prefer to stay in their blindness. They talk as though they want to see, they may even attend church meetings and teach Life Groups, but if you ask them, “What have you heard from Father lately,?” you will get a blank stare or surprised look; “heard from Him?”
    But Jesus wants us to ask. He invites us, “What do you want me to do for you?”

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    1. Yes! That is such a fundamental part of this story! Isn’t it amazing that He invites us to ask? “Ask, and you shall receive…. everyone who asks receives!” I am so glad you pointed that part out, C.A. And yep, I have definitely interacted with individuals like you describe. Jesus make us ever increasingly hungry for You!

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  4. Like Saul, who Jesus named him Paul. Is Bart mentioned over and over in the Bible as one of the True Believers of Jesus? This was a beautiful story. I don’t think I found it in my St. James Bible. I heard a minister on tv this past Sunday say, the Devil believes in God! After thinking about it. It occurred to me that the Devil saw God in Heaven! God cast him into Hell because he thought he was God’s equal. We all know that is not true. But, I knew I already believed in God with great consciousness. But when I heard the Devil knew there is a God, it put all the pieces in the right places. God bless!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing how God was bringing you new understanding! It really is so special when He puts pieces together for us like that, isn’t it? Yes, this story would be in your Bible in Mark 10, starting in verse 46. Many blessings to you, my friend!


  5. I don’t see anything wrong with audacity, as long as it is tempered in faith– what we desire and what our Lord feels is best for us are often two different things, and audacious believers still need to be okay with that.

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    1. I am smiling lovingly, Mike, as I think about my son’s expressive discontent in my disallowing him to play certain violent shooting video games. He doesn’t understand yet that they are not good for him, but he will, in time. I am so glad our Father knows better than we do what is best for us!

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  6. Amen! This line hit me in just the right way: “In doing so, he aggressively threw off the shackles of the past.”

    We all have things that weigh us down, that we hold onto and try and solve ourselves, even though they have long passed. We can remember mistakes, and use them as learning experiences, or we can hold onto the regret and guilt we feel about potentially poor choices we have made.

    God wants us to throw away our fear, and our tentative leaning towards Him, and fully embrace the life and love He willingly holds out for us. “Audacious faith” is a beautiful term when we know all things are possible through God, it’s just that some things we want might not be accomplished in the way we thought. Or that we’ll require little nudges, sometimes large ones, to get us moving on God’s path for us – the best path!

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