When Kindness Gets into Your Core

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“…In order that in the ages to come He might show the surpassing riches of His grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus” (Eph. 2:7, NASB).

Recently, God has been using the Bethel song “Reckless Love”* to stir my heart. One of the first lines expresses to Jesus, “You have been so, so kind to me…” Truly, He has. Many centuries prior to our births, He was already demonstrating His overwhelming kindness to you and me. In anticipation of our need for a Savior, He gave His all for us before we were even alive to realize that we desperately needed His intervention.

Since the moment of your conception, His unspeakable gentleness has carried and upheld you. Even in the countless moments when you were not aware how near He was, His goodness has wrapped around you and lifted you up. Throughout every moment of your life, He has been surpassingly kind to you – much more so than you even realize.

He is kind. Kindness is a central, fundamental part of His makeup. He oozes kindness. With just one touch of His hand, the current of His kindness flows into you and brings you healing. With just one glance of His eyes, kindness enters your soul and envelopes you. His very presence is full of kindness. Because of this, you are forever safe, in the manifest closeness of His heart.

He will always be kind to you. In fact, He overflows with joy, anticipating the opportunity to show His kindness to you for the rest of eternity. He has plans! He is going to lavish His goodness on you for all the unending ages to come. He can hardly contain Himself; He cannot wait to give you the fullness of this experience. (Eph. 2:7).

His mind-blowing kindness has practical benefits for this present life as well. The more time we spend with Him over the years, the more His kindness gets into the core of who we are. Our awareness of His gentleness becomes part of the fabric of our being. His goodness becomes a shield to our heart. These qualities of His nature are so potent that they begin to encompass our soul like a force field.

Even when someone hurls unkind words at us, this force field neutralizes their impact. We get to a point where we can genuinely respond to our persecutors in love, even in the face of brutal callousness. This was the vibrant power of kindness on display through Jesus when the heartfelt cry ripped out from deep within Him, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!” (Luke 23:34).

This kindness of His literally protects our hearts today. The power of kindness is woven into the provision of His precious blood. His blood is over your heart, just as it was over the doorways of the Israelites in Egypt (Ex. 12:23). You remember how the plague could not touch their homes? Your inner space, the Holy Spirit’s home, is likewise marked by His blood. No destruction can get through that blood.

As a result, when someone lashes out at you verbally, the power of Jesus’ kindness is right there, available to deactivate and defuse the damaging effects of their words. Access this provision by faith. Understand that He already absorbed that sin against you, along with all of its painful consequences, on the cross.

Remember that His blood is over you right now. Accordingly, you can reach out and appropriate the benefit of His sacrifice immediately, even in the very moment that you are sinned against. Visualize the force field of kindness that surrounds you in this very moment, keeping you shielded and safe in Him.

The kindness of Jesus is exceedingly powerful. It enhances our existence beyond possible expression. It adds unspeakable sweetness to our lives as we choose to walk intimately with Him. It shields and protects our souls. It provides meaning, solace, and refuge during even the most difficult and painful of seasons. And it fills us with a fountain of joy in anticipation of what lies before us, in the unending ages of our everlasting reward!

Oh, to drink in His kindness forever and ever! He has been so, so kind to us!

*“Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury from Reckless Love album (2018)


What are your thoughts as you meditate on the power of Jesus’ kindness?