The End that He Sees


“I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say: My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please” (Isa. 46:10, NIV).

God knows the end from the beginning.

You though, you can’t see the end nearly as clearly as He can. He very well may have given you glimpses, but those glimpses are limited. That’s what makes this life a walk of faith. It’s by faith, not by sight. If we could see the end perfectly, we wouldn’t need faith. So we thank Him for those glimpses at the glorious future to come, we lean heavily into the Lover of our souls, and we keep pressing forward in faith. A day at a time.

Meanwhile, we can take comfort in this. Even though you and I can’t see the future, He can. With perfect clarity,

All of these Scripture passages are describing the end result God brings about, when we submit to His majestically wise process. Each verse points to what you can’t yet see, but He can. These are the glimpses He is providing, of the glorious outcome up ahead.

He knows where this is going. He knows what He’s developing in you. He knows it’s exceedingly worth it. That’s why – even though He aches with you even more than you do and cries painful tears when you hurt – He’s willing to bring you through this season. He’s willing to lead you through the wastelands, because He knows firsthand the exquisite loveliness that can only be wrought in the acrid, searing places. And He sees the magnificent moment that is coming:

“Who is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on her lover?” (Song 8:5, NIV).

The transformation you are undergoing as you submit to His hand is working. You are going to come up from the desert nearly unrecognizable… because His beauty will be shining through you more brilliantly than the blazing sun.

He sees all of this. So He squeezes your hand reassuringly, and He gently leads you on.


What glimpses has Holy Spirit personally given you, of where He is taking you? In your heart of hearts, do you believe Him, that it will be exceedingly worth it?

14 thoughts on “The End that He Sees

  1. To answer your question, now that you mention it, I have had two dreams (at least) lately about going on a journey.
    In both dreams I was traveling “alone,” and I was “traveling light” (carrying little or nothing), but there was no fear. The road was smooth, and I was traveling easily and fast – almost coasting. The road was so smooth that after the first dream I was concerned that this was the road the “world” takes (smooth and easy), but if so, where was the world? I came to the conclusion (with confirmation of my sisters and prayer partners) that the road was MY road, the one Jesus had for me, and I was exactly in the place He wanted me, traveling unencumbered, because His yoke is easy, His burden is light. I can only conclude that He’s been answering my prayers to remove the enemy’s roadblocks, barriers, obstacles, and smokescreens and replacing them with (or transforming them into) His boundaries, guardrails, speedbumps, and directions.
    In my second dream, although I was traveling alone, I knew somehow that there would be people along the way to help me when I needed it. Not sure if that means other believers, angels, or both, but I felt no fear in taking this journey.

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    1. I am smiling joyfully, reading about the beautiful dreams He gave you. How wonderful! The understanding that He gave you very much resonates, too. Thank You, Lord Jesus! Speaking His limitless blessings over the way you take in Him, my dear sister! 💖


  2. I feel God calling me to wait. For what I don’t know. But in that time of waiting He is asking me to write and share stories. Blog posts, books, poems, and short stories; all in different places with different people. (Currently I am editing what I hope will be my first published book, in a series of books. But we’ll see where God is leading me when I get there. All I can do is work hard to make it the best it can be.)

    Sometimes I believe in this journey, that God is taking me exactly where I’m meant to go. But sometimes I struggle to see even a few inches in front of my feet. At these times I ask Him to show me the next step. Though I struggle, I trust He will lead me through, because He hasn’t failed me yet.

    Peace to you, Jennifer.

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    1. Wow. How precious is the journey of faith! I was reading a devotional recently that really spoke to me. In it, the minister shared that there will ALWAYS be a big elment of mystery in our walk with God, even as our understanding and revelation deepen. This is necessary, in order for it to be a walk of faith and total dependence. So it’s okay that we sometimes feel like we don’t know where we’re going! May His peace also be with you, my brother 🙂

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