Just One Prayer Warrior


“So the Lord said, ‘I have pardoned them according to your word’” (Num. 14:20, NASB).

I have a word of encouragement on my heart for you today. I believe God wants you to know how powerful your prayers are. In the face of such a worldwide crisis, the enemy would like us to believe that we are powerless. Beloved, we are not. There is so much power available to us, as we get into our prayer closets.

In our verse for today, God was answering Moses’ prayers. In response to His son’s petition, He spared an entire nation from death. Just a few short verses earlier, they were about to lose their lives, every last one of them. Moses asked God to have mercy on them. God immediately responded, “I have pardoned them according to your word.”

Don’t listen to the lying darts that try to tell you that Moses had more of a direct line with the Almighty because of being such a man of God. Remember what else we know about him? He was a murderer. He was also a reluctant responder to God’s call. Cowardice was his main response when invited to be the Lord’s instrument. “Send someone else! I’m incompetent!” On top of all that, he never did grow past his bad temper. This was such a character flaw that it tragically kept him from entering the Promised Land.

So no, God did not listen to him because he was better than us. God listened because Moses was willing to pray. Just one man was all it took to move God’s heart to radically change the outcome. Not a huge stadium full of intercessors. Not a church building full. Not even a dozen. Not even “two or three.” Just one man.

And so it is with you, dearly loved child of God. You don’t need to be anywhere close to perfect, in order to be an effective intercessor for your nation. You only need to be willing.

So, my dear friend, let’s you and me get in our prayer closets. Remember. Every single one of your prayers reach Daddy God’s heart. He will spare people from death… because you asked Him to. Just you. Just one prayer warrior. You can powerfully influence Heaven for the destiny of the land you love.

Let this truth sink deeply into your spirit, remembering that you are righteous by the precious blood of Jesus:

“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. Elijah was as human as we are, and yet when he prayed earnestly that no rain would fall, none fell for three and a half years! Then, when he prayed again, the sky sent down rain and the earth began to yield its crops” (James 5:16-18, NLT, emphasis mine).


When you pray, do you see Jesus listening with the eyes of your heart? Do you believe He is eager to answer your prayers?

28 thoughts on “Just One Prayer Warrior

  1. Morning sister Jennifer – I thank the Lord for your words of encouragement and truth.
    Concerning prayer [one of my most favorite topics] , I believe many are discouraged when we “see” no results. This ought not to be. It is one of my distractions and temptations the enemy brings into the hearts of believers. We must pray in faith that the Father hears. We must pray in line with the Word and the heart of Jesus. We must lean into the Spirit for help while we pray. Our motives must be Holy and Pure not for any self gain. Yes! even the prayers of others can cause us to doubt the power of our own petitions to the Lord. Jesus prayed always and we must do the same. Love in Christ Jesus. Len Wisniewski

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  2. Jennifer I thank you sincerely for your post today. Often our very isolation and distances make us feel ‘alone’. I truly believe as we are less distracted by ‘other’ stuff we can indeed be focussed heaven-wards and seeking the Will of God pray accordingly. One Voice one person covered with the sanctifying blood of the slain lamb. Alone with HIM let us PRAY. Imagine if millons across the world at this time simply stopped and did this.

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  3. Amen, amen, and amen!!

    As I began reading the post….the Scripture that immediately came to mind, was the exact one you closed with. James 5:16-18.

    The prayers of righteous man.., to which I’d like to add..

    The prayers of a righteous man who understands THE LORD ALMIGHTY is HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.

    This scripture, always encourages me. It emphasizes the importance of living a life the best we can in accordance with Gods Will.

    It’s never our acts, or works, that make us righteous, it is ALWAYS GODS RESPONSE to our FAITH in Him, our WORKS serve as evidence that our FAITH IS ACTIVE, ALIVE, and not dead.

    The more we DENY ourselves, The more the POWER OF CHRIST rises within us.

    Something I had to learn was that FAITH, is not like a light switch..Neither is belief.

    Meaning once the light bulb is on, it’s on and that’s that..you cant continue turning it on more and more, or several times once it’s on.

    Faith is more like a light bulb that has the ability to control switch to control the brightness.

    Early on I prayed with Faith, to the best of my ability.. I could not see nor understand the depths of which a person’s faith can grow.

    Meaning, early on in our spiritual walk..we may have faith, but our faith is not yet solidified or perfected , it’s on 10watts, yet we do not perceive it to be, to us it’s glowing at 100watts., ..we have no idea that our faith can grow brighter and brighter.. with each and every day.

    Our faith can be perfected, meaning having absolute zero doubt as we pray for a matter, and as our faith increases so does our ability to pray for things on a larger scale. In the beginning of my walk, there is no way I could pray for the nation, or a nation of people…I barely had enough faith to pray for one or two people.

    Last point, it is always OUR FAITH IN HIM.

    Our FAITH IN HIM, IN PRAYER, that is BASED UPON HIS PROMISES, HIS WORD, that we can ask anything and He shall do it.

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    1. Ben, I’m smiling joyfully reading your insights. Your explanation about the light bulb perfectly expresses what I wanted to get across with the devo that I released the day after this one, about being on a growth curve. I’m just now seeing your comment, and it’s a wonderful confirmation from Holy Spirit, for which I am so grateful. Thank you so very much for sharing!

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      1. Amen, sister! What wonderful blessings we receive from our Father. What wonderful confirmations! Not once, not twice , but over and over, and over…He does not leave us as orphans. He does not leave us wondering and doubting whether it was His voice speaking, HE confirms it: “I AM WITH YOU. I AM YOUR GOD.” one of the most amazing things we can ever hear God say is when He steps in to defend us, or rescue us, while many are present witnessing and He says : “He is my Son. She is my Daughter. Or This is MY CHILD.” what spectacular extraordinary grace …
        Ad when the heavens parted, and the dove descended and OUR PAPA as you love to call Him says “This is my beloved Son”
        Amen,amen, and amen. ANY enemy around at the time, can you imagine the way it would deflate them, discourage them and fill them with utter hopelessness? Glorrrrry To Our Father!!

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      2. Smiling big at that! Yes, sir! They must flee away! Reminds me of this verse: Phil 1:28
        and not frightened in anything by your opponents. This is a clear sign to them of their destruction, but of your salvation, and that from God.

        He has set His love upon us! How good is our Father!!


  4. My dear sister in Christ Jesus,

    We, do indeed, belong to an ETERNAL GLORIOUS FAMILY…For the HOLY SPIRIT speaks to us in our hearts, and confirms it…and that confirmation continues to fill each and every one of us – with overwhelming JOY!

    You my sister, through Gods direction have done the same for me.., not once, not twice, many times…and that’s how we know WE ARE IN HARMONY with the Holy Spirit.

    Let us GROW, continually, brighter and brighter until the LIGHT BULBS explode , as we give Almighty God all the glory!

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