What Draws God’s Gaze

Praise on mountain

“For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His” (2 Chron. 16:9a, NASB).

Daddy’s eyes are scanning the earth right now. He is looking intently for something. His intensely focused gaze is searching for hearts fitting two criteria: 

  • They are completely His.
  • They are in need of strengthening.

Wholeheartedness draws His gaze. This kind of heart lights up brilliantly on the map before His probing inspection. As soon as He sets eyes on such a one, He immediately springs into action. That very instant, He begins the process of providing exactly the support that they need.

I notice two things about this verse. One is, that halfheartedness does not attract God’s particular notice. What does capture His attention is unreserved, passionate devotion. Now, while some versions translate this idea as a heart that “is perfect toward Him,” it most certainly does not mean that He is looking for perfection. Rather, He is seeking those hearts that yearn for Him, those who want Him more than anything. He is longing to find such hearts.

So great is His hunger for encounter with fervently loyal hearts, that He is constantly searching throughout the whole earth for them. Much of the energy of His being is spent in this pursuit. Truly, the Father is seeking worshipers that would worship Him in spirit and in truth. He, Himself, wants this connection with us more than anything.

My second observation here is that Daddy God’s heart is powerfully motivated to support and strengthen us in our feeble attempts to love Him. It reminds me of that parent with the fast reflexes and sixth sense attentiveness, who manages to catch his child in mid fall. Daddy is paying very, very close attention. Nothing escapes His watchful responsiveness. Yes, we might lose our footing many times in our journey towards loving Him more deeply, more beautifully, more completely. But He is right there by our side to assist us on that journey…. to catch us every single time we stumble.

If our heart wants to learn to love Him better, He is going to provide the power for that to happen. His eyes are carefully watching for every single opportunity to strongly support us as we grow up in His love. How He loves to provide for us what we need as we move deeper and deeper into His heart!


What do you think it means to worship the Father in spirit and in truth?


15 thoughts on “What Draws God’s Gaze

    1. That is beautiful insight, my friend! What beauty comes forth, in honor of Him, when we live out our creation design for His glory!

      You told me your name before, and I feel really bad that I am having trouble remembering it. Would you tell me one more time please, and I am going to make a note of it this time?

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  1. Sister, Jennifer, just a short time ago, I asked you for your understanding of worshiping God in Spirit and Truth. The Spirit of God speaking to our spirit and meditating on His Word of Truth, I believe to be true worship. When we are in right relationship with the Father and we profess and live by His Word of Truth, our every step and activity is received as WORSHIP. lOVE IN CHRIST JESUS. len wisniewski- lenwizy@gmail.com

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