Nica’s New Life

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

A testimony from February 2002, just about exactly twenty-one years ago:


Rister, one of our cell group leaders, shyly introduced me to Nica, a new fifteen-year-old girl, and asked if I could minister to her. “She just got saved this week,” he explained to me. He left, and she blurted out the following testimony between her tears:

“Pastor Jennifer, I want to get baptized. I need a total change in my life. There is no peace or love in my family, so I developed the habit of going to parties to try and forget about my problems. The parties distract me for an evening, but when I wake up in the morning I feel just as empty and lonely as ever.

“But I saw something different in Rister. It seems like no matter what’s going on, he’s always happy. I was so impressed with the joy that he has that I decided to come to church. I’ve never been to church in my life! But I want what Rister has. I want Jesus to change my life.”  

Nica kept coming to church, and on February 2 was baptized in a lake about forty-five minutes outside of Iquitos. She came up out of the waters crying for joy at the new Presence she was feeling in her heart. I prayed with her afterwards, and she continued to weep as the Spirit of God ministered deeply to her heart.

Completely overwhelmed by His presence, she Continue reading Nica’s New Life