An Old Man’s Dream Come True

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

I love this one from June 2020:


An amazing story came to light a couple weeks ago in Vinocuro. The new church construction there continues. In the midst of it, a local began to bare his soul to our team one afternoon. These words poured out of his heart:

“I am the founder of this village. My name is Marcos Sergio Guerra Tafur. I am 90 years old.” Marcos’ voice softened as he shared, “Five years ago, my son, the father of my grandsons, died. In the jungle, a tree fell on him. His wife then came to me.
She grunted, ‘Here are the children of your son.’ She gave them to me and left. She never came back.”

He continued with solemn gravity. “Four years ago we were holding Christian meetings in a little hut. That was the greatest joy of my life. But our hut rotted and fell down. Our few members strayed away from the Lord. However, I asked God to not let me die until I saw His temple renewed.”

Marcos’ spirit is overflowing with gratitude. A brand new church building is going up in his village… for the first time ever! He exclaimed: “I give thanks to Him because my eyes can still see. I can watch the church rise even better than it once was!”

His voice tinged with thick emotion, he concluded with these words: “Today, I can hug my grandsons. I can tell them that I have an inheritance for them. I can rest in peace because I have seen with my own eyes that my village has a house of God. That will be their heritage.”

When we heard this testimony, we wept. We are grateful beyond expression for the opportunity to be a part of Marcos’ story. We are also grateful beyond words for you. You are making this possible, dear friend. You are the answer to Marcos’ prayers. You are making his dream come true.

Thank you also for your gifts for the hungry. Since my last writing, $2,000 more has come in for feeding His precious ones. That covered food for a week for twenty families. Every bag of food distributed means more to these people than you can imagine. Faces light up with joy and relief at their reception, every time!

Here in Peru, full lockdown continues. Pastor Israel and our daughter Ester have still not been able to travel home to us. Unable to work, people all over the nation are suffering. Please continue to lift us up in your prayers. God is unchangingly FAITHFUL. He is doing amazing things through it all! 

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