A Heart of Flesh for a Heart of Stone

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Young missionary me and a dear sister, my first year in Iquitos

I’m sharing this one today from May 1998:


Lucinda, sixteen years old, grew up in a difficult neighborhood, She had to deal with hardships typical of such an environment. She was sexually abused by her step-father and often felt overwhelmed by the lack of food in her house.  Trying to find temporary escape from her problems, she looked to worldly parties and the wild setting of the discotecas.

She explains that when I first arrived, she felt enslaved by the pleasures of sin, and that she came to church only as a two-faced Christian. This past Friday she gave her testimony. She shared joyfully that since she has been plugging into the youth ministry, she has begun to see changes in her life. She excitedly reported an incident where she resisted the temptations to go to a party recently even when nobody would have known she had gone. She says that her desire has become to grow in the Lord. In this past month she has joined the choreography ministry and begun to teach Sunday School.

Pray for her and many like her, whose non-Christian parents would rather send them to a party to get drunk and stay out all night then permit them to go to church.


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