A Life Apparently Discarded, Exceedingly Precious to Jesus

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Today’s story is from July 2021:


Sadith was thirteen years old when she gave birth to Pilar. A remote village in the Amazon Jungle was her home. In her culture, families give their daughters away at a young age to whatever men are interested. Girls are forced into adulthood at the beginning of their teens. Sadith was no exception. Only a child herself, she did not even understand that she was in labor.

She went outside to go to the bathroom. It was then that she finally grasped what was happening. The baby was coming out! She looked around distraughtly. No one was in sight but another thirteen-year-old girl, Tali. Sadith called out to her frantically.

Tali rushed to Sadith’s aid. Mercifully, Tali had helped her mother deliver several babies. She had an idea of what to do. The baby was crowning! There was no time to relocate. Sadith gave birth right there in the open. The local pigs were standing by right next to her as she brought Pilar into the world.

Sadith did not feel ready to raise her child. She gave Pilar to another family. They reluctantly took her in and tolerated her presence. Her home life was not healthy during those years. She grew up with many emotional troubles.

When she was a little older, she began to look for acceptance in unhealthy and illicit connections. She gave herself to man after man, looking desperately for love.

After many failed relationships, her heart was shattered. She had lost all hope. That’s when Jesus stepped in. A precious sister from our church reached out to her to share the good news of His love and salvation. She was ready. She gave her life to Him and was born anew. Her second birth was so much more glorious than her first! Soon, she became involved in our church.

Around that same time, God was at work in another broken life. He was knitting the pieces together that would become the beautifully redeemed tapestry of Pilar’s life. Specifically, He was getting hold of a man named Percy.

Percy had also grown up in a painfully difficult home. As a result, he became a violent alcoholic as an adult. He abused his wife, both physically and emotionally. She eventually left him. His alcoholism had taken over his life. It was destroying him.

It was then that Percy also encountered Jesus. The Savior radically delivered him from his addiction. He, too, immediately became involved in our church.

Fast-forward several years. Pilar and Percy faithfully had served the Lord during that time. Around the five-year mark, they both began asking Him to give them a spouse. You guessed it. They then met each other. Soon they developed a very special relationship.

A month previous to this writing, they were married!

And it gets even better. Together, they have begun our missionary training program. They will be heading out to serve the Lord in the depth of the jungle as soon as they complete it.

How Jesus delights to restore lives!

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