Influencers of God

It’s audio devo day 🙂

God wants to be influenced by… you. What you have to say is extremely important to Him. Pull up a chair at His table — your prayers are poised to help shape history! May Holy Spirit strongly encourage your heart as you listen here:

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Can you recall a time when you just knew that prayer made a significant difference in the outcome of the circumstance?

8 thoughts on “Influencers of God

  1. Wow, this is an amazing word! I love this about God!
    I’ve been struggling with prayer. Too many distractions. Too many stresses. But I will listen to this devo again and again. It stirs up prayer for sure. Thank you!❤

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    1. Aw, thank You Jesus! Elena, my heart is so happy that He blessed your spirit through this. Saying a prayer right now for His manifest grace drawing you closer to His heart in prayer. You are so very loved! (Back from a trip and catching up on comments again). 🙂

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  2. So so good! Thank You, Jesus! Beautiful affirmation of what God is doing. Continually taking me into uncomfortable and painful situations, to speak what He asks me to and to receive His discipline, mercy and encouragement in doing so. Each time after that cleansing in the speaking up and receiving, He has opened my eyes through His Word to see what He is up to and it’s been so non-logical – taking people I love (with me) into painful and dry/hungry circumstances to awaken their (and my) hearts to Him.

    I think the prayer that comes to mind as far as your question is my best friend and I praying for our husbands’ work. They were both weary and discouraged: we prayed for encouragement. My bff’s husband got a raise and my husband a beautiful letter of commendation thanking him for his hard work and a bonus. And this happened so soon after us praying it made me cry. God is just waiting on us to ask Him for those blessings.

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  3. I am constantly bowled over that God should answer my prayers, but I believe and have seen countless examples of how He does. That we should ‘influence’ God is such an amazing way of seeing it. Wow!! thank you. What a privilege, what an honour and what a responsibility!

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