A Mysterious Messenger Brings Malaria Healing

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This story comes from memory archives dated even before my time as a missionary began. As shared by my mother-in-law recently:


“My husband was gravely ill with severe malaria,” Mamita Carmen recalled. “It was so bad that I gathered my four children together. They were between the ages of four and nine. “Papá is in danger of dying,” she gently explained to them. “We so deeply want him to live, don’t we!”

“Yes!” they all exclaimed, with fierce emotion and tears gathering in their eyes.

“Then, we need to fast,” she asserted firmly. She made an exerted effort to keep her voice steady as she pronounced these words.

The young Arimborgos agreed. Carmen made some bread available for them in case they felt they needed it at any time. But even at that tender age, the Lord provided supernatural strength for her children to engage in fasting. (By the way, Continue reading A Mysterious Messenger Brings Malaria Healing