Safe from Moonburn

“The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon at night” (Ps. 121:6, NLT).

Do you sometimes get to a certain Bible verse, and scratch your head, wondering what it means?

That’s what happened to me with this one. For years, when I read this Psalm, I couldn’t make sense of the second half of verse 6. How is the moon going to harm me? I don’t think it gives off UVA/UVB rays? I never heard of getting a moonburn?

Suddenly, the other day, Holy Spirit explained it to me. I hadn’t actually asked Him to, or He probably would have proffered the understanding sooner. I have definitely noticed that whenever I ask Him about something, He always has something important to share with me about it. However, even when I don’t specifically inquire, He still has all sorts of wonderful things to whisper to my heart!

So here’s what He said. In the daytime, the rays of the sun get strong, bright, and hot. If there’s anywhere on the planet that we know that well, it’s here in the Amazon Jungle. As close to the equator as we are, you can get a dangerous sunburn here in a heartbeat. You could just about boil your skin under this Amazonian sun, if you’re not careful. That’s the kind of danger I understand Him to mean by the first half of the verse. In other words, Daddy God will protect us from menaces that are overwhelmingly hazardous.

What about the second part? He explained to me that He was being extra emphatic by adding that phrase on. At nighttime, the rays of light that travel to us from the moon are soft and subtle. They are the tiniest, most diminutive version of those we encounter during the day. So, Daddy is telling us that He will protect us both from the greatest of dangers, and the smallest. He is paying attention to even the most minuscule things that interact with our daily existence. He will not allow even the smallest threat to harm us. He will not permit even the tiniest interference to the perfect protection you find under His wings.

This is why the next verse goes on to say, “The Lord keeps you from all harm…” (v. 7a, emphasis mine). As you take refuge in Him, you are safe from all harm. Big, small, and everything in between. You are safe in Him, dear one. Take a deep breath and soak in the last beautiful verse from this psalm:

“The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever” (v. 8).


How about you? Has Holy Spirit recently explained a verse to you that had been puzzling? I’d love to hear about what He showed you!


11 thoughts on “Safe from Moonburn

  1. Jennifer, thanks for sharing your witness. The Lord blesses us with protection 24/7. At the same time He shares wisdom and encourages discipline, which help keep us safe and healthy during the darkness of a pandemic.

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    1. Wonderful wisdom, Richard, thank you so much for sharing that insight. When I read Psalm 91 about His shelter, I think about how we also need to get under cover when a storm is raging — His protection is always available, but we need to avail ourselves of it!


  2. For some reason I thought the verse had something to do with the ancient notion that the moon could make people crazy – so God protects our bodies and our minds. A little far-fetched, I guess. Your explanation makes more sense. Thanks for sharing it.
    PS I didn’t know you were in the Amazon jungle!

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  3. Wonderful how the HOLY Spirit inspires you in aspects of His Word we may simply read and accept. Thank you. Safe from moonburn. Wonderful!
    It is like the Glory of GOD, we would be killed by encountering in our naked human state, but He has ordained our Covering . Thank God for His Presence and protection from all that would harm our eternal spirits.
    2021 May you KNOW His Strength and Peace in its FULLEST. a-men!

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