Safe from Moonburn

“The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon at night” (Ps. 121:6, NLT).

Do you sometimes get to a certain Bible verse, and scratch your head, wondering what it means?

That’s what happened to me with this one. For years, when I read this Psalm, I couldn’t make sense of the second half of verse 6. How is the moon going to harm me? I don’t think it gives off UVA/UVB rays? I never heard of getting a moonburn?

Suddenly, the other day, Holy Spirit explained it to me. I hadn’t actually asked Him to, or He probably would have proffered the understanding sooner. I have definitely noticed that whenever I ask Him about something, He always has something important to share with me about it. However, even when I don’t specifically inquire, He still has all sorts of wonderful things to whisper to my heart!

So here’s what He said. In the daytime, the rays of the sun get strong, bright, and hot. If there’s anywhere on the planet that we know that well, it’s here in the Amazon Jungle. As close to the equator as we are, you can get a dangerous sunburn here in a heartbeat. You could just about Continue reading Safe from Moonburn