The Conquest of COVID: More Dream Encouragement!

Dreams bottle lights

“Listen..! This is what the Lord says: Do not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged by this mighty army, for the battle is not yours, but God’s” (2 Chron. 20:15, NLT).

For today’s post, I’m going to share with you something that greatly encouraged me this week. My sister-in-law sent me the following message (which I have translated from Spanish for you):

“I had an intense, meaningful dream today. I dreamed that we were in a war. The enemy was satan, and he was furious.  We would attack him, and then we would hide in different places from his attacks. We even hid in the grass. Again and again, we attacked; and again and again, we took refuge… After a while, I saw that satan and his army were under extreme fire. But it was not us attacking – we were hiding in a trench – it was God fighting for us! We won the war … satan retreated and the victory was ours!

“When I woke up, I could feel my heart beating fast. The dream had been so real.

“Every day that passes, we are fighting battles, moving farther into victory. For our Iquitos, for our Amazon, for our beloved Peru, for the United States, for the world … we press on as soldiers. We are at attention!!! God is fighting for us; we are held in the palm of His hand. We have already won this battle in the heavenly places…”

What a magnificent dream! I was profoundly blessed to read it, knowing in my spirit how weighty its truth is. The Father says that this is a done deal. In the heavenly realms, it’s already accomplished. The coronavirus is defeated, and victory is ours! This heart knowledge of triumph, my friend, is the place we fight from.

The Lord has also communicated to us here that this is His war, not ours. He is Immanuel with boots on the ground. He is here. He is telling our hearts not to be afraid, but to fix our eyes on the ever victorious Captain of Heaven’s Armies.

In my sister’s dream, we were soldiers in His army. To me, that indicates our role as prayer warriors more than anything else. Holy Spirit will pray His prayers through us every day, as we invite Him to do so. Each and every one of them reaches His heart. Each and every one partners with Him in His triumphant movements forward. Ultimately, though, the outcome is in His hands. What amazingly encouraging news! God has never, ever lost a battle.

When we ask God for a sustaining word, He responds generously. So very often, He speaks to us about the outcome of our circumstances, before we see it with our physical eyes. He does this to strengthen our faith, as we stand firm in the evil day. Through this dream, He has given us a picture to hold onto. The Owner of the future has reported back to us from there. He has shown us, on the screen of our hearts, what is to come.

This is the glorious report He has sent: Our enemy is going to retreat with his tail between his legs. We will soon be celebrating Jesus’ triumph with exultant joy!

“The Lord will go forth like a warrior,
He will arouse His zeal like a man of war.
He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry.
He will prevail against His enemies!”

(Isa. 42:13, NASU).

I need to add one more thought here. I strongly encourage you to visit the following link. In it, a pastor shares about a series of wonderfully reassuring dreams his seven-year-old son had recently. They also speak to our Savior’s coming triumph over COVID-19. Check it out here.


What thoughts come to mind when you picture Jesus as a warrior?

14 thoughts on “The Conquest of COVID: More Dream Encouragement!

  1. Wow amazing confirmation and comforting! God has shown us His glory and love for His children, He has protected us through all this and He will see it to the end!

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  2. Hallelujah!!
    When I picture Jesus as a warrior I see Him clothed in majesty and victory. Sometimes, the imagery of the Lion comes to mind.

    I love this line here: “The Owner of the future has reported back to us from there.” 🙌🏽🥳

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  3. Great dream and confirmation. It is FINISHED! on the Cross. He is Lord. Now is the time to STAND wearing the full armour of God. Not by might, not by POWER but by MY SPIRIT. says the Lord. Covid is but ONE symptom of death and destruction. Let not our hearts ever be invaded by any sickness of sin in whatever way it comes. May our Hearts ever be clean and pure and holy before our God. He is Lord. He has conquered DEATH. He will carry us through!

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    1. So very, very true, Ann! I want to read the post you are sharing here but having the same thing happen as last time: when I click on it, oddly, what opens up is my own draft folder. What is the name of it, so I can look for it on your site?


  4. Yes and amen! Victory is the Lord’s!
    I love that God is speaking to us through dreams! Lord, give us more and more! The dreams of the little 7 yr old and now you sister-in-law add fuel to the flame of our prayers. They focus them. Thank you for sharing!!

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