Putting on the Armor of Light

It’s audio devo day! Today in our overcoming fear series we talk about one of the most important strategies for living in victory above this foe. Be immensely blessed as you listen here:

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“You are her [children] if you do what is right and do not give way to fear” (1 Peter 3:6, NIV).

Don’t give way to fear. Don’t be afraid. How we need this encouragement! In fact, the Bible gives it to us 365 times, once for every day of the year. There’s a good reason we need to be constantly reminded to stand firm against fear. It’s the enemy’s favorite weapon against us. Every day of our lives, he works arduously in both blatant and subtle ways, attempting to trap us in fear.

You know, dear one, we don’t have to take it. Father God has given us everything we need for victorious living. He imparts this message to us once again: “Don’t give way to fear.” He provides this command to empower us continually. Through His very words, He is supernaturally enabling us to conquer in our daily battles. And along with the command, He also lays out very practical instructions for living this way. In His Word, we find the “How To’s” He has written down for us.

Here’s one of the essential ones: “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes” (Ephesians 6:10-11, NIV). You can be strong, my friend. It says so here. But not in your own strength. Your own is severely limited. Instead, find your strength in God. In His presence, in relationship with Him, draw on His mighty power. It’s infinite. It’s for you. And it’s more than enough for the battles you are facing right now.

He also reminds us here to put on His armor. Specifically, all of it. He wants none of you uncovered. Armor is a spiritual layer that covers every vulnerable part of you with protection. It’s the opposite of being naked. It’s the opposite of being exposed. What Adam and Eve lost, Jesus bought with His blood: full coverage for you. In Him, you are completely covered. Completely shielded. Completely sealed in. Completely protected.

Here’s something to think about. Do you realize that every piece of armor that this Ephesians passage describes (6:13-17) is an aspect of His personal presence? The belt of truth – HE is your Truth. The breastplate of righteousness. HE is your righteousness. The gospel of peace for your feet – HE is your peace. The helmet of salvation – HE is your salvation. Do you see the pattern?

Dressing yourself in His armor means dressing yourself with His presence. This is why Romans 13:12 calls it “the armor of light.” Jesus’ presence emanates so much light that heaven needs no sun. God is actually inviting us to wear His light, to wear His glorious presence. Two verses later, this same passage of Romans tells us, “…Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ…” (v. 14, NIV). He invites us lovingly, clothe yourself with My armor of light. Clothe yourself with Me.

Every day, He wants you and me to activate this priceless gift He purchased for us. So go ahead. Slip on the most glorious robe you have ever sported: Jesus Himself. Put Him on. Array yourself with His light. Garb yourself with His righteousness, peace, and salvation. Wear Him everywhere you walk today.

This is how we do it. This is how we take our stand against the enemy. This is how we live unafraid. In His presence, fear cannot stay. So enrobe yourself in His closeness right now, dear one. Suit up with that armor of light. My friend, this is how we overcome.


Do you regularly put on the armor of God? If so, what are your observations of how this affects your day?

45 thoughts on “Putting on the Armor of Light

  1. Jennifer, I really needed to hear your message today. I have been hit with a lot of negative things this past couple of weeks. Your message gives me the strength to fight on knowing I’m clothed in His Armor. Thank you and God Bless.

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  2. AMEN Jenn, it always feels so good coming here and receiving your thoughts 👌💯. I just wanted to leave a word of appreciation and let you know that I really enjoyed reading through your insights, and even listening since your voice makes the messages so much more absorbable, so great job Jenn 💙💙.

    One of the things that is really cool is that I was planning to upload an image of an arm today that I made over the weekend, to showcase it on my blog and it looks exactly like a piece of armor 😂

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      1. Haha I am very glad that you appreciated it Jenn. And it’s always good to see whenever you are feeling encouragement and pleasantness from my comments, it leaves me feeling exuberant aswell. I often find your graciousness to be very contagious — it’s a very wholesome feeling.

        Yes I will absolutely happily present you a link to the image:

        I also uploaded it to my WordPress account and posted it to my blog (https://aktionkilla.wordpress.com) yesterday lol

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      2. Aw I am so glad! That blesses me too 😀 And I visited your image, Thank you so much for sharing it! I can definitely see how it connected in your mind with my post. You art is very impactful! I’m curious how you made that image?

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      3. hahaha awww that is lovely Jenn and thanks a ton for your kind remarks and feedback; I am glad that you were finally able to see the image haha. I made the image by modifying a stock vector photo of a fist that was illustrated by an actual artist and placed on the internet for free use.

        I had originally came up with the deflect concept for a game I was experimenting with, and wanted to make an adaptation of that idea for my blog and figured that a hand illustration would be ideal for an artistic representation since in the actual game that i’m experimental with, the “Deflect” ability is actually a Fist-based technique lol.

        So I was looking for fist images on google that were as close to the physical pose and angle of an fist I had in mind, and had found the one that I eventually used and many others, but many of the others that I came across were only purchasable options, so I decided to use the one that I showed you, which was a free vector, and add some effects to it to give it more detail, and to make it truly look as close to the overall concept of a Deflect animation.

        I downloaded the stock vector of the Fist, resized it and saved it as a PNG, then used Photoshop to create an RGB-Split effect on the main Fist/Hand image plus added some electric effect and a brain in the center to symbolize that the power is actually the effects of a strong mind, and then also added some sporadic radial streaks to give the special effect of an energy-field, and then added the “Deflector” text 😄😄.

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      4. Aww you are welcome Jenn 👍😄. I am abundantly happy to hear what you have to say about it and to see that you really like what you have heard. I am glad that I was able to share it with me my friend ❤ ❤

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      5. Hahaha this is a great idea pata. I love doing creative stuff. I am not a professional by any means, I usually try to learn as much as I can, but I just like creating photos out of fun and sometimes I do get the urge to show with people the interesting things I have learned about editing photos.

        I would actually be doing alot more step-by-step demonstrations etc if not for my laptop being so ancient 🤣🤣🤣

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      6. Absolutely, that is one of the greatest things about the human mind. It’s a pretty remarkable thing to be able to create, dream and envision things; even we were made my a very creative being himself haha.

        I thhink name GOD a creator is very accurate 😂

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      7. Wow exactly jenn ❤ <3. The way you convey GOD's majesty and splendor is very invigorating and benevole; I couldn't agree more, he made us in his image and we have inherited a very wonder gift that is intrinsically priceless.

        It is always good to speak with you my friend ✌👍😄

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  3. Yes, In my morning prayers, I always put on the Armor of God, piece by piece. At the end of prayers I feel strengthened and hopeful for the day, at peace because I know God is with me every minute of the day. This is a priority for me every morning. If I am rushed and don’t get to my prayers early, I feel stressed and worried. I don’t want to ignore God’s gift of His Armor. It is too precious.

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  4. Great post!! The Bible has so many scriptures to lift us up, strengthen us, give us hope, and when lived, give us greater peace in our hearts and minds!!!

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  5. Great post!! The Bible has so many scriptures to lift us up, strengthen us, give us hope, and when lived, give us greater peace in our hearts and minds!!

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  6. We can’t do it alone, our human strength is not enough. But the good news is we don’t have to! Amen! Trusting God all the time is the answer but can be tough. I don’t see all the answers right now, and that is scary, but I pray for the presence of mind to lay it all down in front of God and give my heart to him.

    Thank you Jennifer, and God bless.

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