Understanding Your Dreams: Light Bulbs and Puzzle Pieces

Light bulb

“The eye cannot say to the hand, ‘I don’t need you!’ And the head cannot say to the foot, ‘I don’t need you!’ (1 Cor. 12:21, NCV).

Now you’re ready! Having done all the groundwork, you come to the glorious finale, where Holy Spirit downloads to you the meaning of your dream. Here’s what that final process looks like… (Find the beginning of this study here.)

29) Add any additional relevant notes into your dream journal. As you prayerfully process your dream symbols with Holy Spirit, He often will begin to expand on the meaning of each one. New light bulbs will turn on. As you get impressions from Him, jot them down in the space following your list of symbols. This is also the place to add notes from any research that you did.

30) Prayerfully write up a brief summary of your interpretation. Once you have identified the most impactful imagery from your dream… compiled your list of symbols… sought the Lord about the meaning of each… and done whatever research He has nudged you to do… you are ready for this step.

Leaning into Holy Spirit, thoughtfully read over your dream once again. Do the same with your list of symbols and additional notes. What is God saying to you? Listen. Then do your best to write a one or two sentence summary of His main point. Add this synopsis to the very end of your journal entry.

31) When in doubt, consult other spiritually mature people. God has created us, His body, to need each other. He delights in setting up interdependence amongst us. Frequently, He will give other people in your life missing pieces to your puzzle. As you bring together different insights from different sources, the whole picture will come together in a powerful way.

Do you have other spiritually-minded individuals in your life? Ask the Father if He might have you share the dream with them. In this too, be Spirit-led. These messages from Him are your treasures, and they should only be shared wisely. Shared with someone not chosen by God for this purpose could run the risk of having your pearls “trampled on” (Matt. 7:6).

32) Revisit your dream at a later date. Go back over to see if Holy Spirit provides additional insight.  Again, the timing of this should be led by Him. He’ll bring it to mind when He means for you to do so. When He brings you back to the dream, He often will shed light on some of the smaller details featured in the plot. Since you already have the main point, the “outline,” He may flesh out some of the specifics more fully for you. It’s like you got the overview of the forest, and now you can zero in on the bark found on individual trees.

On your first go-round with processing and interpreting your dream, He often may leave some details unexplained. For that matter, He may leave most or all of them unexplained. Do not feel pressure to figure out the dream immediately, or completely. One of the most important keys to receiving revelation from Holy Spirit is remaining in an inner posture of rest. Snuggle in. Trust. He will show you what you need to know at just the right time.

Daddy loves to maintain the element of mystery in our lives. There will always be things we don’t fully comprehend. He sets it up this way, to keep us in a position of complete dependence on Him. Why? For our own freedom. How liberating it is to not have to know or understand everything, to relinquish that role to Him! How glorious it is to let Him be the One who has it all figured out; to cuddle deeper into His bosom, and to trust!

That said, as time goes by, He will often give you more and more puzzle pieces, each time you revisit your dream. I frequently add notes into the margins of my dream journals… days, weeks, months, and years after initially processing them. This is our promise, beloved:

“Those who have understanding will be given more, and they will have all they need (Matt. 13:12, NCV).

Before we pull this series to a close, I’ll be adding a couple of posts with pointers for enhancing your memory of dreams, and about spiritual warfare during the night. Come visit me again tomorrow!


Have you had the experience of God gradually explaining something to you, giving you one puzzle piece at a time?

10 thoughts on “Understanding Your Dreams: Light Bulbs and Puzzle Pieces

  1. Maybe you could share an example from your dreams? Of course, something you feel is not too personal. But reading how you went through these steps might be helpful and interesting! Thank you, Jennifer.

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  2. Oh, I know these to be so true! I haven’t written in my dream journal in awhile. This post let’s me know I need to get back to that! I believe we are living in a day when God is going to be giving His people more and more ❤ Thank you so much for sharing! I think I'm going to go back over these over the weekend and take notes 🙂

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  3. A few point from my own life: I have never spent too much time analyzing a dream, I believe the more i do this the further away from the message i will be. That does not mean this applies to all. This i feel has applied to me. It’s never been that hard to figure out what a dream means, or what it symbolizes in my life, even whenits abstract. The recurrence of a dream, doesn’t necessarily mean that you still have more items that need to be revealed in the dream, it could be that you are STILL ENGAGING IN, OR NOT ENGAGING IN something you should be doing or not doing.

    Example from my life: I would have a similar in nature , recurring dream. I would be driving a vehicle and at times the brakes would not work, I would be traveling fast. Other times, I would be traveling in a vehicle and instead of going forward I’d be going in reverse, in addition to the brakes not working. To me this always felt, KEY WORD..go back to the dream AND FEEEL the meaning, do NOT think or analyze it… FEEL what it’s trying to tell you.

    It was always related to my conduct and behavior spiraling out of control. The worse I behaved, the more I would have the dream of going in reverse with no brakes.

    I dont have that dream anymore. Another key note: is to be mindful, observing of location in a dream.

    Same house, same apt, same school, represents this dream is not just a meaningless one that I had after watching a horror movie. Its repeating for a reason.

    Lastly, I dont even like calling them dreams anymore. The word dreams to me has a stigma, that they are NOT REAL. But they are. Not every single one, but many of them are. What do I mean? We do not sleep, we rest. Meaning we are always awake. So our spirits are awake…while our bodies rest. As the bodies rest, our spirits still engage with other things at times…on the spiritual plane. To rest, is to lay the body down…and walk across a bridge into the spiritual universe. The things we so call dream or see, are manifestations of things that occur during this contact or engagement in the spiritual world.

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    1. More wonderful insights, Ben! You expressed that so well, feel the dream instead of over-analyzing it. Yes and amen about our spirits staying awake, too! Did you see that I posted about that as well? “I slept, but my heart was awake.”

      I so appreciate you taking the time to share at length here what Holy Spirit has shown and taught you over the years about His nighttime communication. You have added so much value!


  4. Wait, I should add this: THERE HAS BEEN TIMES, WHERE I aCOULD NOT UNDERSTAND OR INTERPRET A DREAM.. and I DID HAVE TO SEEK HELP. and I’m glad I did. It was life changing, and the person who helped me was a child of God. So I did not want to be misleading or down play anything u wrote. Trying to be as real as possible

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