Understanding Your Dreams: Treasure Hunting


“I sleep, but my heart is awake; It is the voice of my beloved!” (Song 5:2a, NIV).

I love the insight this verse gives us into God’s nighttime communication. Though our bodies require sleep, our spirits do not. They remain awake, which makes nighttime an amazing opportunity for God to connect with us. “It is the voice of my beloved!” The voice of our Beloved Jesus can come into our dreams and impart to us wisdom from heaven.

The Father sometimes will use this means of communication to get messages to us that we have been resisting during our waking hours. He loves us so tenderly, and knows what is best for us! He also knows how to best get the message through to us.

Today we will look into more clues that will help point us in the direction of what He is saying to us as we slumber. (You can find the beginning of this list here).

26) Pay close attention to the tone of the dream. How did you feel in the dream? Was the atmosphere heavy? Light? Sobering? Comforting?

Some of the dreams God gives us are to reveal to us how our souls are doing, so that He can address issues affecting our emotions. Other dreams will highlight areas of needed spiritual growth. Others will contain prophetic promises to hold onto, like those He gave to Joseph during his youth.

Other dreams serve to provide us with guidance and direction. Others are meant to affirm us, encourage us, or minister to us. Still others can give clues to our calling, or specific assignments God wants to give us. The tone of the dream can be a strong clue as to what kind of message from God it is meant to be.

27) Take note if you have more than one dream in a night. Oftentimes, multiple dreams in one “sleep” will be about the same subject. Holy Spirit may be highlighting various angles of the same matter. As you lean in for His revelation, look for connections between the different parts. The same principle applies for a longer dream with multiple scenes.

28) Do the research. Sometimes, God will include a subject in your dream that is an invitation to go on a treasure hunt. I’ll share a couple examples with you. A prophetically gifted friend of mine related to me a dream he’d had about a chocolate lab. After listening, I sensed a Holy Spirit nudge to read up on Labradors, so I did. Through this activity, Daddy downloaded some beautiful riches to my heart about the gift set He has placed inside of me.

On another occasion, I had a dream about a bull. Again, I followed His lead and looked at several websites about this animal. I was scribbling down notes in my journal, as so many aspects of this creature were speaking right into my current circumstances at the time. I still look back on those notes and find great encouragement.

If there is a symbol in your dream that piques your curiosity, go with it. Delve into some research. Or if it’s a subject that is completely unfamiliar to you, read up on it. You may be amazed at how relevant the topic is to some aspect of your life.

Tomorrow we will talk about how to pull together the various components of dream interpretation to come to a conclusion and decipher the message from Daddy God. Don’t miss it!


Has a dream ever provoked your curiosity and led you on a spiritual treasure hunt? If so, what did you discover?

10 thoughts on “Understanding Your Dreams: Treasure Hunting

  1. This series is a wonderful teaching Jennifer! Thank you for sharing it. As I have said, I’m not one who remembers many of my dreams, but in the future should I begin to, I now feel equipped to look for God’s purpose behind them.

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  2. Thank you for the information about dreams. I do believe that God communicate to us in our dream. But we also have to be careful because the devil also try to communicate to us in dreams.

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