The Doubt, The Struggle, and the Next Level of Glory


“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness” (James 1:2-3, ESV).

Oftentimes, the testing of our faith feels like doubt. When the trial comes, it feels like our faith has been slammed. We reel, trying to regain our footing. Questions, and often confusion, clamor within our emotions. Sometimes we even question what we have believed.

That’s okay. Contrary to how it may appear, we are not letting God down.

Many times, I have found myself disappointed in my own inner response to the testing of my faith. When my emotions have faltered, I’ve felt like I failed God. I’ve felt like I should have gotten to the point where I could stare that particular adversity in the eye with absolute, unmoving serenity.

My soul has cried out, By now, shouldn’t I be able by now to fixate with the eyes of faith on my promised victory, unshaken and steadfast? Why am I instead wondering how the promise God gave me could ever come true? Did I even hear God right?

Holy Spirit set my heart to rest about what appeared to me to be inadequate faith. He said that the sensation of reeling that I was experiencing is part of the process. He explained that it’s precisely the reeling, and the hanging on for dear life, that produces steadfastness within me in the long run.

It’s a lot like when you kick up your exercise routine to the next level. Have you ever met a single person who added more weight onto their lifting routine… and rocked that first workout with ease? No. It’s a struggle, every single time you push your body further than before. You pant. You often even gasp for breath. Sweat is flying everywhere. Your muscles and lungs are screaming. It’s not pretty.

When the circumstances of life test our faith, it’s the same way. To get to the next level of glory, there is going to be a struggle. Every time. Your emotions just may flounder. And that is one hundred percent okay.

After all, if your faith were already perfect, you’d be in heaven already. As long as we’re still on earth, we’re still in process. Today, give yourself permission to be in process. You can genuinely rejoice because the Author and Perfecter of your faith is not failing. Through every unexpected bump in the road, He is producing steadfastness in your soul.

And He is going to do an amazing job finishing the breathtaking work He started in you!


How can we best partner with God’s working in us, as He takes us through the process of refining and strengthening our faith?

2 thoughts on “The Doubt, The Struggle, and the Next Level of Glory

  1. Jennifer- hoping this is applicable. One of the great challenges I encounter, when my faith begins to fail and my emotions [and mind] struggle is being made evident by the discernment of the HOLY SPIRIT. Example- as I encounter a trial/tribulation in the world in which we live- the ENEMY does everything to distract from the fact that these are ALL SPIRITUAL BATTLES. He will impose guilt, fear, doubt [even in my belief] so I might turn even for a minute from God and crumble! This has happened and continues sometimes for hours or days. I believe, the SPIRIT allows me to remain in that posture until I CALL OUT FOR HELP TO HIM. The experience is so painful at times [just as you said about increasing the weight in exercise] that the body and mind yearn to GIVE UP! As Paul said, we must continue the GOOD FIGHT, that we may endure by the power, love and trust in the FATHER. len


    1. Yes, this is most definitely applicable! Absolutely true. The enemy would like nothing more than to keep us unaware of both the real source (spiritual) of so many of our battles. Asking the Lord to both open our eyes and strengthen us is SO important!!


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