Ignore Fear’s Knock

“Do you want to be like [Sarah]? Then do what is right. And don’t give in to fear” (1 Peter 3:6, NIrV).

The other day, fear tried to steal my peace. Has this ever happened to you? You had the most amazing time with God. It was a “mountain top experience,” full of His beautiful, glorious presence. You are soaring. And then, just like that, boom. Fear knocks. The dark clouds of adverse circumstance gather overhead. Your heart recoils.

Does that indescribable peace that comes from Him have to be short-lived? Does the next hard knock of life have to steal it away? What do we do when fear shows up on our doorstep?

Today’s verse gives us a vitally important answer. We don’t have to give in to fear. Yes, fear will come. THE most repeated command in Scripture is, “Do not fear.” This is because fear is THE most common tactic of the enemy. The beautiful news is, we honestly and truly can learn to live above fear. A fearless life really is within reach.

Don’t give in to fear. Ask Daddy God to sharpen your discernment, to quickly recognize when that sinking feeling in your emotions is actually a spiritual attack trying to steal your peace. And receive this truth in your spirit: you don’t have to open the door.

You don’t have to let fear in. Leave fear out in the cold. Ignore its insistent knock. Rather than opening the latch, snuggle deeper into Daddy’s embrace. Tune into His strong, steady heartbeat. He’s got you. He’s got your future. And He’s got the perfect plan worked out ahead of time to deal with whatever that adverse circumstance is that fear has dragged onto your doorstep. He is Faithful and True, and He will do it.

If your soul has gotten temporarily flustered by fear’s knock, do not worry. Do not give into condemnation about it either. Rather, simply look up again into the eyes of the One who loves you more than His life. Climb back into His waiting arms. Then gently remind yourself, “Return, O my soul, to your rest; for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you” (Ps. 116:7, ESV).

Direct your soul back to its resting place in His bosom. Marinate in the memory of His habitual, relentless, bountiful kindness to you. Intentionally direct your focus to His immense goodness and powerful, unfailing care of everything that pertains to you. Get lost in His love.

After a while, you will realize that fear got tired of knocking. You peek out the window, and all you can see is a brilliant rainbow breaking through those dark clouds!



Do you have any tips to share for living life fearlessly?

6 thoughts on “Ignore Fear’s Knock

  1. Dear Jennifer, over three months ago , I allowed temptation to over take me! I sinned against God and those I love. The consequences continue, I was arrested, spent 14 days in jail, lost our home, lost contact with family [restraining orders] , lost my career, my friends, reputation and so much more! All due to the SIN Of ANGER – DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Praise God no one was physically hurt but emotionally, spiritually and every other way we were and are devistated. Linda and Rebecca have been in medical care since, due to previous medical conditions. Linda has just completed 3-more surgeries [bladder removal and cancer]. Rebecca has been suffering from POTS SYNDROME. Our grandaughter , Kaitlyn-8, has been passed around to friends that are helping. Linda and I are somewhat homeless and i am jobless. I have had one hearing, have one today and another in september. Your message on FEAR is very timely! Each hour of each day, I know not what to expect. Though I believe I have been following and serving the Lord since 1977, now at nearly 70 years of age, this has all come upon me. My trust is still in Jesus and the Father’s Grace and Mercy but each day is almost overwhelming. I have been spending most of my time in the WORD AND IN PRAYER- seeking peace, forgiveness, and joy to return. I have asked for God’s forgiveness from the day of this tradgety but with just recent ability to contact others, I have sought their forgiveness. That which lies ahead is as always, in God’s hands. I am so very sad, filled with sorrow and grief. Sharing this with you hurts me greatly, but the truth must be revealed. I begin classes for 26 weeks in domestic violence by court order and am on probation for 3-years. Fear has generated all sorts of bad and evil thoughts, but the Spirit has maintained me. My first desires were to return to the Lord or for Him to return quickly- both quite selfish. Now, I have begun to realize that the truth of sowing and reaping is in full display in my life. I love the LORD AND MY FAMILY with all my heart and must continue with His ways and plans. I have a few that are praying for me [including my sister Val} but life without family and love is torture. Jim Brunner has been there for me in these days, thank you Jesus.
    Jennifer, I fervently request your prayers and that of your family.
    In the Loving Arms of our FATHER. len Wisniewski – 8/21/18 at 553 am


    1. I hurt with you, my brother. Jesus loves you so very deeply, just as you are. I appreciate your transparent sharing because it’s when we bring our brokenness into God’s light that He can heal us. Have you read any books on emotional healing through the Holy Spirit? I’d love to recommend some titles to you if you would like to. And yes, I will pray! He’s got you! Nothing can steal you out of His hand!


  2. Thank you, dear Jennifer. Books are often comforting and enlightening when waiting on the Lord. This morning, I awoke with a sense of hoplessness and despair. My greatest fear was that I was no longer [or never have been] a child of Gods! The tears poured out of me in shame. I was reading Psalms 56 and 57, when GOD in His Mercy began to bring PEACE and comfort. I began to rejoice. Each day is such a challenge due to circumstances-distractions and weariness. I am enrolled in a service [court required-26 weeks] TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND- domestic violence-i begin tonight. Do please keep me in prayer.
    My dear bride, Linda, has just been released from TMC after much surgery-she is at a place with medical care. She is in so much pain. I have not been able to speak to her or see her since may 7th [ this alone is nearly unbearable for me]. She has recently got the courts to amend the restaining order so we can communicate by email-praise the Lord! [her email is whzmom@yahoo.com]. She is in my consant prayers.
    Last of all, please pray for me to find a place to live in the near future and for work to do to support both linda and I. Sincerely In His Holy Service- len w. and linda
    8/22 at 851 am- note please use lenwizy@gmail.com


    1. Praise the Lord for the beautiful way He comforted you! He is so gentle and kind! And of course you are His son! I’m so glad you can talk to Linda by email now. Continuing to pray! The first book I would recommend: Prayers that Heal the Heart by Mark Virkler 😊


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