Revelation Is Rest, Part 1


Dream: I caught sight of two big, hideous moles that had developed on me. The first was sticking out of my upper eyelid; the second had sprouted on my upper chest, a short distance under my collar bone. I looked at them and realized how much they had grown, even featuring little branching parts all around. They were tall in proportion, and vertically shaped. Even now as I remember the dream, the visual picture of the two of them gives me chills. That’s how ugly they were.

I was dismayed. Full of anticipation of how painful their removal was going to be, I started planning to make a dermatologist appointment. But suddenly, my sister Anna was there with me. She applied a medicinal substance to my eyelid, and the first mole came off easily, without any discomfort whatsoever. I looked into the mirror with great surprise and relief, thanking her. I was about to request that she remove the second mole when the dream ended.

Divine “Mole” Removal

I share this dream with you because I know in my spirit that it is for you as much as it is for me. Holy Spirit has something vital to share with us through it. This is His message:

Daddy God longs to remove all hindrances to our ability to see Him. With this dream, He was creating a play on words, in order to convey to us this longing of His. A mole, in English, is also a little animal that tunnels through the ground. Characteristically, it has very poor eyesight; the little creature cannot distinguish colors. Hence, by portraying a “mole” on my eyelid that was so bulky it would have hindered my ability to see, He was doubly emphasizing a picture of visual impediment. He further accentuated the picture by showing me that this impediment was even growing over my heart (the second mole, on my chest).

Many times, the circumstances of our lives cause impediments to grow up and block our ability to perceive spiritual truth. Frequently these “moles” spring up in our earliest childhood, through our upbringing. In other cases, they either sprout or become worse due to the circumstances of our adult years. Whatever the cause may be, we oftentimes find ourselves with major blind spots that keep us from accurately seeing God. We may have an idea of what we think He is like, but that perception is often distorted. This distortion, or impediment, steals from us the most essential component of our existence: being able to intimately know His beautiful heart as it truly is.

It’s His grace that will heal us. The name “Anna” (my sister, in the dream) means grace, favor, and beauty. In my dream, my sister represented God’s grace: the beauty of His unmerited favor. His grace came to me, touched my eye, and the impediment fell off both immediately and painlessly. His unmerited favor is the only thing that can restore our ability to see Him. There is absolutely nothing we can do to earn this healing; we must simply ask for it (as I was preparing to do as the dream ended.) As we come into contact with His beauty and His loveliness, all hindrances fall away.

We are left blinking and astonished at His wonderful work in the depths of us, and overflowing with gratitude… just like in the dream, I was amazed at how Anna had been able to address my difficult issue with such ease. Thanking her was my natural, instinctive response. Thanking the One who makes our blind eyes to see will be the spontaneous response of our grateful, healed hearts as well.


Has God removed any spiritual “moles” for you, as He has for me? Has He healed your inner eyes so you could see Him better? I’d love to hear about it!

(This is the first in a three-part series. Stay tuned tomorrow for more!)

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