Revelation Is Rest, Part 1


Dream: I caught sight of two big, hideous moles that had developed on me. The first was sticking out of my upper eyelid; the second had sprouted on my upper chest, a short distance under my collar bone. I looked at them and realized how much they had grown, even featuring little branching parts all around. They were tall in proportion, and vertically shaped. Even now as I remember the dream, the visual picture of the two of them gives me chills. That’s how ugly they were.

I was dismayed. Full of anticipation of how painful their removal was going to be, I started planning to make a dermatologist appointment. But suddenly, my sister Anna was there with me. She applied a medicinal substance to my eyelid, and the first mole came off easily, without any discomfort whatsoever. I looked into the mirror with great surprise and relief, thanking her. I was about to request that she remove the second mole when the dream ended.

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