Healed from Covid in the Waters of Baptism

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Today’s edition is a ministry story from October 2021:


Marcela felt death closing in on her frail body. She was in the ICU, fighting to breathe. She was 72 years old. Covid was agonizingly close to extinguishing her life. “I felt like I was freezing. Death was right there with me,” she shared afterwards with deep emotion.

After eight days in ICU, her daughter decided to bring her home. The hospital said they could do nothing further for her.

“I was still alive, but my life was hanging by a thread,” Marcela explains. “Peace was gone from my soul. I was deeply depressed, feeling death surrounding me. In my despair, my heart cried out. I desperately wanted to find a church. But not just any church. I wanted to find one where the power of God was moving.”

Jesus heard the cry of her heart. At just the right moment, a friend Continue reading Healed from Covid in the Waters of Baptism