Exceedingly Worth the Long Wait

Then Jesus told his disciples… that they should always pray and not give up” (Luke 18:1, NIV).

So here’s the news I promised you yesterday… (Drum roll please…) Fiber optic Internet has been installed at my house!

…with a speed at least fifteen times faster than what we endured for over two decades!!

My friend, this changes everything. Everything! EVERYTHING! I tend to be pretty even keel in my personality and emotional expression. But I have been through the roof excited about this. Pages load just like that! I can do my blog soooooooooo much more easily! I can stream videos instead of having to download them ahead of time for six hours! Wheeeeee!

There is a spiritual lesson in this. Holy Spirit pointed this out to me the other day. Remember the “Never, never, never give up” story from yesterday? That ties right into another, weightier story about sudden breakthrough after a long, long wait.

Over fifteen years ago, I went to a certain beauty salon here in Iquitos for the first time. I had heard good things about it, and wanted to check it out. A young man named Jerry greeted me upon my arrival, asking me what service I was needing. A few hours later, I went home with a brand new look, and a brand new friend.

When Jerry moved to a different salon job in town, I inquired where he went. I followed him there and sought out his talents again. Some time later, he opened his own store. I found out where that was and sought him out once again.

Years went by, and I kept on going to Jerry. Each time, I shared a little bit more with him about Jesus. In turn, he shared a little bit more with me about himself. I could tell that I had earned his trust. He was sharing from deeper places, hurts that he had been through, struggles he was currently facing. Yet, he was Continue reading Exceedingly Worth the Long Wait