Entire Village Comes to Jesus

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Today’s story is a recent one, from this past November:


“Pilar, we need your help. Can you come?” 

This urgent message came in from San Mateo, a village in the Datem region of the Amazon Jungle. The villagers were in terrible trouble. Black magic was taking over the entire village of 150 people. Sinister witches had allured the young people into its practice.  

These influencers were kidnapping other youths to force them to participate in satanic rituals, making covenants with the devil. If the kidnapped person resisted, they threatened to kill their family members. No one dared to resist the wave of evil sweeping over the community. 

You may remember Pilar’s testimony from two of our earlier newsletters. She and her husband Percy got radically saved and are now serving the Lord together out in that part of the Peruvian Amazon. They were ready for action. 

Pilar conferred with her team. “We’ve got to go intervene,” they all agreed. In preparation, they fasted for seven days, calling on God to deliver San Mateo from the enemy’s clutches. After that week of focused prayer, they were ready. They set off down the river for the village so in need of His delivering power.  Continue reading Entire Village Comes to Jesus