The Unmockable Guarantee

Wheat abundance

“He who sows in the field of his lower nature, will from that nature reap destruction; but he who sows to serve the Spirit will from the Spirit reap the Life of the Ages” (Gal. 6:8, Weymouth).

Every day of our lives is full of decisions. Starting the moment we wake up, we are deciding what to do with each minute God gives us. These decisions are seeds that He entrusts into our hands. Each one is an opportunity to sow towards a future harvest. As our verse for today teaches us, we have two choices for each seed. We can sow into our lower, sinful nature… Or, we can sow into the Spirit. Depending on our choice, today’s decisions are going to become either a crop of vitality or a harvest of harm.

Harvests don’t generally pop up the instant you put seed into the ground. Instead, they Continue reading The Unmockable Guarantee