Power Is Coming Out of Him

“All the people were trying to touch Jesus, because power was coming from him and healing them all” (Luke 6:19, NCV).

I invite you to take a pause with me and imagine this scene. Multitudes are swarming to Jesus. Word has gotten out. “This One will heal anybody that comes to Him; even anyone that touches Him!” If you’ve ever been in a crowd that was full of eager energy, you know what this crowd dynamic was like. If you’ve ever felt a crowd pushing you, you also know how intense this atmosphere was, and how stressful this can be. No wonder Jesus needed strategies like getting into a boat to create a little space from those precious souls on the shore!

There is one detail from this scene, though, that stands out the most: the power emanating from Him. Apparently, anyone who managed to just lay a finger on Jesus got healed. So the woman with the issue of blood was not the only one! Looks like there were countless others that wanted to touch His clothing too. The crowds pushed in hungrily this way because they knew… if they could just touch Him, they would be completely healed!

Can you imagine if Jesus came to visit your town, in the flesh? Can you imagine if word got out, Continue reading Power Is Coming Out of Him