Do We Look at Them and Love Them?


“The disciples were reproving them [for it]. But when Jesus saw [it], He was indignant and pained…” (Mark 10:13b-14a, AMPC).

As I was reading this story today, I contemplated Jesus’ unpleasant emotions towards His friends in that moment. “Indignant and pained” was not His usual joyful, peaceful manner. The NKJV says He was “highly displeased.” Clearly, the expression on His face and the tone of His voice did not match the Sunday School drawings and pictures where He is always wearing a smile. Apparently, Jesus does sometimes get unhappy with the ones He loves.

As a parent, I can understand this. In fact, Holy Spirit was using this very facet of my life to explain the principle to me. When one of my kids hurts someone, or displays a rebellious attitude, or deliberately disobeys me, or otherwise allows their sinful natures to take control of their decisions… my feelings are not pretty ones in that moment. I, too, become indignant, pained, and highly displeased.

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